Mister Wil-Son!

The US House of Representatives voted for a motion to disapprove of the behavior of Joe Wilson, 240-179 with five voting present.

The Arizona delegation voted along party lines, with two exceptions: Gabrielle Giffords voted “no” and Jeff Flake voted “yes.”

I’m not happy with Giffords’s vote, although it does give her a chance to blunt the inevitable argument from the other side that she’s a Pelosi-clone. Of course, as we’ve seen, such arguments are made by the Republicans regardless of her actual record.

I know that this might give some of my readers another excuse to pile on Giffords, but it is a waste of energy on a symbolic measure like this. It looks like this might not be much of a “liberal litmus test” anyhow; “nays” were also registered by Jim McDermott and Dennis Kucinich.

UPDATE: Giffords has released a statement on the vote:

It is unfortunate that Congressman Wilson has not apologized to our colleagues for his rude outburst. He should. Heckling the President of the United States while he is addressing a joint session of Congress is totally unacceptable for a member of this body. The American people know this and Rep. Wilson knows this – that is why he apologized to President Obama. We should not waste any more time on this matter. We need to stay focused on health insurance reform and improving our economy.

7 thoughts on “Mister Wil-Son!

  1. And Barney Frank voted ‘present.’

    Although, given that Frank is legendary for having a sharp tongue, that might mean that he just doesn’t want to be on record condemning such an outburst in case there is a future Republican President and Frank feels so moved.

    You might also note that among the ‘yes’ votes was old-time rock solid conservative scion Dana Rohrabacher.

  2. Meanwhile, President Obama has demonstrated that he does understand when someone is out of turn, reportedly calling rapper Kanye West a ‘jackass’ for the stunt he pulled during the video awards.

    And on that assessment, I agree with President Obama.

  3. The resolution is pure, unmitigated garbage. What liberal hiphopracy! The same day that the terrorist who threw a shoe at our commander in chief was released from custody so that he could run free, we punished a Great American for speaking out against the oppressive rule of Barack Hussein Obamavitch. Oh the irony!

    I am going to watch Glen Beck and cry profusely.

  4. Did this resolution go against the bickering that Obama called an end to in his address to Congress? Good for Gabby voting No.

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