Grijalva on Public Option

Raul GrijalvaThis statement was released this morning from Raúl Grijalva’s office:

The public option is central to healthcare reform. Real reform, which lowers costs and ensures all Americans get the quality, affordable healthcare that they deserve, cannot be accomplished without a robust public option. As we have stated repeatedly for months now, a majority of the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will oppose any healthcare reform legislation that does not include a robust public option. Our position has not, and will not, change. As Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus, I look forward to working with my colleagues to develop comprehensive legislation that allows all Americans to choose the healthcare plan that’s right for them and their families. But I will not support any bill that does not include a public option.

12 thoughts on “Grijalva on Public Option

  1. Sen. Feingold released a statement saying that he was “not interested” in a plan that didn’t include a public option.

  2. Public option will never work. It will provide substandard service and will present me with unfair competition.

  3. Right on Raul! I sure as hell hope that they don’t kill off the public option as the Administration is hinting. What good is healthcare reform then? Honestly. It will be no reform at all.

    A few thoughts:

    Screw the Republicans. We have majorities in each house and pretty good sized ones. What??? Do you need a 90% majority to pass this thing? Come on! There is no excuse…blue dogs included. Pass it, make history, quit being spineless democrats! This is the moment and I believe strongly that if it doesn’t happen now, then it wont. How on earth are you going to sell yourself to voters next time after this? Really? The telltale end to this will be that we had a HUGE majority and could do nothing with it.

    Next, I wonder if this is all just “talk” to energize those in support of a public option. The problem has been an angry group beating and beating on thsi thing and those supporting it were silent. Maybe Obama is stirring the pot a little? God I hope.

  4. My prediction-SCHIP will be expanded to something like 200% or more of poverty, Medicare for people 55 and older, with pre-existing condition prohibiting being banned.

  5. In Obama’s speech today he said “health insurance reform” rather than healthcare reform. Is that really what we’re all fighting for?

  6. The Arizona Democratic State Committee has now strongly adopted to support a “public option” and universal single payer healthcare system.

    The National Healthcare Reform resolution passed unanimously. I would be glad to post it here on RRR with Ted’s approval.

    The resolved statements of the resolution;

    Therefore, be it resolved, that the Arizona Democratic Party adopts this resolution in support of health care reform, and encourages our members and all voters to contact their Congress members to urge them to support health care reform now, and

    Be it further resolved, that we call on Congress to give all supporters of all health care reform plans a full and fair hearing on all issues, and that no proposals be removed from the table, because ultimately the United States must join other world democracies in establishing a universal, single payer health care system in the USA, and

    Be it finally resolved that the Arizona Democratic Party supports President Obama’s call for a “public option”, and that we call on Congress to promote health care reform now to cover all Americans and to provide quality healthcare for every American

  7. Thanks Jeff!

    I honestly am disturbed about this. I have written my representatives for sure about this and a good month ago as the nutball Tea Party started getting nuttier.

  8. It’s 8 a.m. and I’m late for work and I want to write something long and thoughtful supporting Congressman Grijalva’s dedication to true healthcare reform, which includes but is not limited to health insurance reform, and to which a public option is critical, but I have to go to El Rio clinic now. You know I spend most of my time teaching medical students, but this week I’ve been called on to help with the backlog of school physicals for kids who are uninsured or underinsured or on Public Option, um, I mean, AHCCCS.

    Time to go talk to kids about health, fitness, dental care, nutrition, immunizations, Gardasil, drugs, sex, rock-n-roll, drinking & driving, guns, studying, and all that jazz. (It’s more than just the stethoscope and hernia checks, folks.)

  9. Hey Ted,
    We don’t need a public option, public health management programs are totally worthless, Signed, Kidscare, AHCCCS, Tri-Care and Medicaid.

  10. ‘Public Option’ IS the compromise. The SOLUTION is to take ALL profit out of healthcare using single-payor, ‘Medicare for all’. Kudos once again to Grijalva. Si se puede!

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