1, 2, 3, 4, Pressure

One of the calls that may have swayed Richard Miranda was from Marie Lopez Rogers, Mayor of Avondale. Talk is now that the Governor’s office is putting pressure on her and Phil Gordon to get Democrats to sign on to the sales tax referral that makes the rest of the Governor’s budget somewhat possible (I was called a “moron” for not making this nuance clear earlier. Sorry for disappointing you, anonymous insult guy).

Earlier in the process, the Governor’s office was able to get the League of Cities to sign on to her plan (which, at that point, consisted of five mutable and nebulous “principles”) by letting them know that it was the best they were going to get out of her. The League opposed the Democratic plan (it’s still out there, by the way) because of changes to sales taxes.

Both Marszałek Senatu Bob Burns and La Cervecera are now crowing that they have another 16th vote from the Democrats. It’s a big mystery about who it is, but I’ve been told that it isn’t Albert Hale. Time to make calls to, well, all of them I guess.

NB – I get points deducted for quoting Billy Joel in the title. Won’t happen again, sorry.

7 thoughts on “1, 2, 3, 4, Pressure

  1. “Give the People what they want”

    The GOP ran out the clock after all and put us into sudden death. I guess that was the master plan all along. Elections do have consequences.

    I can see Pearce, Harper and Gould cackling in their caucus,

    “Let them eat cake!”

    (Double word score for conjoining the Kinks and Marie Antoinnette – and I too shall never do it again)

  2. Dude, can someone have Russell “GARGAMEL” Pearce claim culpability here. Tell him we will make is wife Director of ADOT if he says he is willing to raise taxes.

  3. Remember what republicans said over and over to those opposed to the war and to the stuff about wireless wiretapping??? Remember??? huh???

    They said, “well…democrats supported it.”

    It was an effective response.

    Now take apply the same thing to the budget.

    It is going to be much harder to place blame where it clearly should be, if this happens.

    Sorry to give the GOP some talking points…but there you have it.

  4. Which Queen song?

    “Flash to the Rescue”? (Whatever Dem caves first)
    “God Save the Queen”? (Her Highness Brewsty)
    “Don’t Try Suicide’? (….Burns)
    “The March of the Black Queen”? (Gorman)
    “Who wantso live Forever”? (…in Arizona after this session…)

    I love Queen …..

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