Is the RNC Encouraging Town Hall Shenanigans?

Just got off the phone with a guy who was present at Ann Kirkpatrick’s event in Holbrook last night. He ended up speaking to a couple of protestors, one of whom said that they had been notified of the the event in an e-mail from the RNC that encouraged people to go out and shut the meeting down, but, she pointed out, “no violence.”

Gotta give them credit for that I suppose.

The meeting had been publicized in the Holbrook Tribune News as a “chat with Ann,” not a town hall. Basically, these were “office hours” that Kirkpatrick happened to be holding in the atrium of a Safeway. Once again, as per the modus operandi with the people encouraging the protests, the protestors were left with the impression that this was going to be a town hall. When it turned out it wasn’t a town hall, they became angry, not with those that decieved them, but with the congresswoman.

The layout of the place wasn’t conducive to the sort of meeting that these guys wanted, even if Kirkpatrick decided to change the format at the last minute. And frankly, did they really want “discussion” anyway? It became impossible for Kirpatrick to do what she came to do: meet with constituents, so she had to cancel the event.

56 thoughts on “Is the RNC Encouraging Town Hall Shenanigans?

  1. Change from the six months horrible months where some have attempted to repair 8 years of total failure Bruce? Who the hell is going to lead you? Who is “new” on your side of the fence? What is “new”? What kind of “change” are you talking about? The kind of “change” that destroyed our economy? The kind of “change” that gets us to more cuts of our vital programs, few taxes at a time of no revenue? You idea of change is a tied old philosophy that doesn’t work. You have had ample opportunity to to put your philosophy at work in America and it runs up deficits at best. At worst, it leads to the wealthy getting more and even praying on our citizenry.

    So I am looking for these agents of change outside of Washington as I am sure you will argue in your next campaign. Where are there? If they are the folks that are staffing the republican govt. in Arizona then believe me, we will stomp you….and stomp you out.

  2. And Bruce, please cease using the “YOU” when you clearly don’t know your audience. Most citizens who happen to be Democrats would NEVER condone a play such as you described above, even though our frustration over the last 8 years have pushed us to anger over his policies. Poking fun at his mis-speaks, his policies, etc, are all fair game in the world of politics, but personal and vile attacks such as the Obama socialist joker face are not and cross the line. You still haven’t mentioned why it is okay to post a joker picture of Obama, that clearly is inciting and quite frankly, exemplifies the evilness that is inserting its ugly head into a health care policy discussion. Shame on you.

  3. To add to what Colleen posted: Bruce, can you think of a Democratic National Committee member who ever posted a similar parody of President Bush on his/her official DNC member webpage, or any webpage that clearly identified him/her as a DNC member? Do you realize that your position necessitates a certain amount of decorum from you, particularly when you are speaking in the capacity of that position?

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    Like I said, Ted’s spam guard is pretty funky. But often if you find the word that’s hanging it up and change it then it will work fine.

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