13 thoughts on “Starky Out

  1. Stuart is a energetic and enthusiastic candidate without a strong fundraising base. He couldn’t win. Let’s hope we find another candidate.

  2. Has anybody stopped to think that this presents an oportunity for a Genuine Progressive to enter the race?

  3. Who is this other candidate? What good are rumors if you can’t spread em? grinning…

  4. Rumors were that Gen John Adams was going to run against McCain. Back in the Spring, John put those rumors to rest (for a while) saying he wasn’t running. Other rumors had it that Gabby asked him not to run so she could run. (I don’t believe this one at all)

    Maybe we can get Dave Bradley to run.

  5. Bradley is running for Sec State
    Glassman is running for Senate
    Giffords should run for Senate in 2012
    Adams should run for CD8 in 2012

    The Glassman thing is the rumor of the week. Who knows if it’ll happen. McCain might not want to run if a big name like Hayworth gets in the race. And we’ll need a well-financed D to step up. Stu is a great guy, but would have a hard time mounting a serious challenge. Rodney is moderate, well connected, and well-financed.

    The 2012 Senate race will be fun to watch, too. Gabby has more crossover appeal than Mitchell, Kirkpatrick, or Pederson. And she is a fund raising juggernaut. Running a statewide out of Tucson might be difficult, but as a friend of mine is fond of saying, “They are going to LOVE her in Scottsdale.” CD8 would be the mother of all battlegrounds with the GOP lining up a who’s who of Southern Arizona wannabes like Bruce Ash, Jonathan Paton, and Ray Carroll. But I’d bet that if the Ds can avoid a bloody primary and get behind a General, CD8 may stay blue.

  6. Wow…so…lots here to think about if anon is correct.

    Bradley for Sec. of State, I would love to see…BUT…there is the “how does he appeal to folks in Maricopa if he is relatively unknown”. So, we write that one off as unwinnable.

    If Rodney runs against McCain, then I would be stunned. He would work hard, run hard, and get noticed, but any betting person would have to bet on McCain.

    Two down. Giffords should run for Gov, if Goddard (god forbid) loses or Senate. She has a lot of time after she destorys the candidate in 2010…to work on a statewide profile.

    But here is the deal. I could honestly care less. If there is no focus on getting seats in this legislature….then I could give a crap about the Democrat Party. I suspect they are looking at it, but it had better be a MAJOR effort…and not just an afterthought of statewide races that they cannont win (save for Goddard).

    Without pickups in the legislature, well…there is no hope for a prosperous state. Seriously.

  7. Can someone please give Stu Starky a medal for having been our candidate in like 98374 different races over the years? Or can we appoint him to some sort of Arizona Democratic Party House of Lords or something?

  8. Well, you have to appreciate Stu.

    In 2004 he knew he was going to get blown out but he kept on plugging and did in fact win (narrowly) the vote of registered Democrats. That was a jewel that McCain would have loved to be able to crow about last year but he couldn’t*. Having had to move to the right to placate the nutty base of his own party McCain had lost touch with his own national coalition from 2000– and there was nothing recent he could use to woo them back.

    Had Stu not denied him that point, McCain would at least have had something to throw back. So I’m not saying that it is because of Stu that Obama got elected but he certainly can claim that he helped in a small but significant way.

    *– I was living in New Mexico the year that Pete Domenici won a majority of the votes of registered Democrats vs. Tom Benavidez. Domenici and his supporters never let anyone forget that he’d done it once, either.

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