This from Jennifer Loredo’s legislative update done on behalf of the Arizona Education Association:

Budget Update- Monday at 11:45

The Senate Appropriations Committee started at 11:15 (it was set to begin at 9:30). The committee heard the first bill (the general appropriations bill/aka the “money bill”). The only members in the committee were the seven Republicans and one Democrat (Paula Aboud). When the general appropriations bill was called for a vote, it failed on a 4-4 vote (no votes: [Ron] Gould, [Jack] Harper, Steve Pierce and Aboud). This caused committee chairman Russell Pearce to gavel the committee into recess. The committee waited no longer than five minutes before being called back into session for purpose of reconsidering the bill. At that point it was evident that some of the Republican senators were still not going to support the bills, so Senator Pearce had to again gavel the committee into recess.

The House Appropriations Committee was supposed to begin at 11AM to hear and vote on the sales tax referral and flat tax bills. This committee has not been called to order.

Speculation around the capitol at this point is that this deal is dead in the water. Senate President [Bob] Burns will send up the budget passed on June 4, and the Governor will be forced to sign those bills, allow them to become law without her signature, or she could veto them. If she vetoes them, the government goes into shut down mode.

Stay tuned…today will be very telling.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Funny how skills like compromise, coalition building and the ability to listen seem like the good’ol days.

  2. Fascinating. Why did Harper, Gould, and such vote with Aboud (or vice versa). I assume it is because neither liked the budget but for very different reasons. Where were the other Dems???????

    The interesting thing here is that the far right appears to be the ones doing the damage to what is already a right wing made budget. They just couldn’t accept a tax increase, even though they are getting the Lion’s share of what they want. Frankly, it is not just a tax increase, but a chance for “the people” to decide on that tax increase. They may not even approve it. And so how is that for letting the people decide?????

  3. Oh…and I have to keep reminding people…I hope the Democratic Party of Arizona is saying this too:

    The GOP controls the House, the Senate, the Governorship, Sec of State, Sec. of Treasury, Sup. of Public Schools…everything but AG.

    So how in the hell can’t they get this done? Who are these people? They control govt and are completely and utterly incompetent. They CANNOT govern nor do they have the answers to fix this state.

  4. kralmajales, when their entire political ideology says that government is the source of all problems, OF COURSE they won’t be able to govern competently. They have no motivation to do so, lest they prove their entire worldview wrong. I’m still leaning toward believing that this – the shutdown of state government – was their endgame all along.

    Ron Gould and Paula Aboud do indeed make for strange bedfellows, but regardless of how they each arrived at their votes, I’m glad they did. Not that I believe this will force any kind of negotiation or compromise, of course. But at least it does show the majority for the inept, callous bunglers that they are.

    Maybe the voters will finally take notice when they do force the shutdown of state government. Of course, getting voters to remember that 16 months from now is another story…

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