Gordon Takes On Pearce

Phil GordonI must say this much for Phil Gordon: all the times I’ve criticized him for supporting Republicans (and not just a moderate or two), there are a few knuckledraggers he’s willing to call out.

He had an editorial in the Republic calling out Russell Pearce for making up facts when Pearce decided to criticize Phoenix as a “sanctuary city.” Gordon doesn’t mince words, ‘cept he does that politician pose of not calling Pearce a liar, although it is hard to see what else you call a guy who routinely makes stuff up.

Money quote from Gordon:

I know how it works for you, senator. If you told people the real numbers – verified by the FBI – you’d have no “hot-button issue” and would risk losing your political base. But Arizonans expect and trust their elected officials to speak the truth.

3 thoughts on “Gordon Takes On Pearce

  1. I was like “oh snap!” when I saw that. Only thing is I don’t think Pearce’s bigoted base would go anywhere no matter what facts were presented to them.

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