To Spite Their Faces…

So, on Saturday I was talking to Terry Goddard and Bruce Babbitt. I bring this up because one benefit of this blog is it gives me the chance to name drop once in a while. Okay, more than once in a while. I mean, aren’t you impressed by all the important people I run with?

Tom HorneAnyhow, we ended up talking about Tom Horne. Both Babbitt and Goddard mentioned how they remember, way back when, that Horne was a young Democratic activist. I’ve heard this before. Sometimes, I wonder if his transition to the man whose rhetoric verges uncomfortably close to race baiting is a result of an actual ideological journey or political expediency taken way too far. It doesn’t matter, really. The results are the same.

Not so to the people at Sonoran Alliance. In one of their latest posts, they claim credit for Horne’s poor reception at a meeting of the arch-conservative PAChyderm Coalition. An attendee at the meeting handed out a copy of an earlier post detailing Horne’s “Democratic Activism.” The Alianza boys seem to have made making Horne unpalatable for a statewide primary their latest crusade, going so far as to encourage their readers to print out a PDF of their report to distribute at conservative meetings.

Hey, I’m tempted to say “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Keep up the good work boys.” I said that his rhetoric gets close to race baiting because I’m trying to be charitable to the guy. At the very least, his jihad against ethnic studies programs is an attempt to use TUSD middle school students as a prop to further his political ambitions with little regard for the consequences.

Now here is the funny part: despite the record that Horne has built over the last few years, they are ready to take him down because, get this, he donated to Walter Mondale a quarter of a century ago. The trouble was not just that he was a Democrat, but that he voted against the sainted Ronald Reagan.


I guess I could go on about how ridiculous Republican idol worship has gotten that they are willing to defenestrate a guy for not showing the proper reverence for Reagan back when the Pink Cadillac was still open on 4th Avenue. Instead, I’ll just ask: is this any way to grow their party?

10 thoughts on “To Spite Their Faces…

  1. So we got Brewer, Horne, and who? Sheriff Joe? Burnsy? who sucks by the way. How About Ron Gould? That would be perfect, especially if the debate turns out to be a spelling contest. Which of these rat bastards are going to make run. If John Kyl wants to attempt to be President, he could try. I know, CHARLES BARKLEY!!!! At least he’d win the Ron Gould Spelling Challenge. I thought they had a bunch of guys lining up? Are the going to back Cervecera and let us eat each other. Sorry I don’t like it. Bivvy, step in and get one of these guys to back off. Especially the young guy, overshooting a bit.

  2. I love how someone over there pointed out that, at one time, St. Ronnie stumped for FDR and was a big union guy.
    Nowadays, even Reagan wouldn’t meet their ideological purity test.

  3. This fight is extremely good news to a few I know who might run for AG as Democrats. If they start hanging Horne now, it will mobilize conservative support for the Arch-Conservative, Joe Arpaio-lackey, Andrew Thomas. Not that he would not be a difficult person to challenge but he has big negatives as well as he has positives with Arch conservatives. If Horne attacks Thomas back and as a GOPer raises his ethical problems, it will turn into a donny-brook which will likely damage both for the general.

    Last, Horne has name recognition and few average voters know much about him. He can play chameleon and would be a TOUGH opponet for any of the candidates I have heard about so far from the Dem. side. In fact, I think he beats any of them…and easily. But THOMAS, man, that would be a fun campaign to run. I think a good Dem. with a great deal of experience in criminal law and justice, and one that looks reasonable, would give him fits.

  4. As I recall, back when Horne first became schools chief, he took on the legislature a couple of times for stupid things they wanted to do.

    In fact, I think the far right is right about him, he’s never had any principles at all. He probably became a Republican because he figured out that at the time Arizona was a Republican state.

    You know, nobody respects a political prostitute, and Tom Horne qualifies as one.

  5. Eli hit the nail on the head…and I must admit that Sonoran Alliance did as well. Horne is a ruthless self-promoter who cares only about himself and his own advancement. Over the last eight years, all of his actions as state supe have been about what makes him look good. It is a long list that includes his fight against the court order mandating that Arizona do right by English language learners, his pimping of the AIMS test as a “true” measure of higher order thinking and his race-baiting fight against ethnic studies programs.

    In a state where calculating, bloviating, self-absorbed politicians are legion, Tom Horne is in a shameless class all by himself. If he is the GOP’s nominee for AG, we can expect that he will engage in fear-mongering, xenophobia and other deceptive tactics to get people to vote for him and to distrust his opponent. The word is that no one could count on his word when he was in the Legislature and he has maintained that reputation as state supe.

  6. Ha…good points Rex about what he’ll engage in…but what will Thomas engage in??????

    I am betting you agree with me that Horne would be FAR more difficult to beat than Thomas…but that Thomas is far far scarier if he actually won it.

  7. Horne has been on a statewide ballot twice, so I do agree, Kral, that he might make a tougher GOP nominee than Thomas. However, he has lost a GOP primary before and they are on to his act. Let’s hope that the general electorate gets wise as well in case he does emerge as the nominee. Given his performance as state supe, I actually think Horne poses more potential dangers as AG than Thomas. People who will do anything and say anything to win are always the biggest threat.

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