Be Very Afraid…

At this hour, Senate Republicans are pushing to suspend the rules so it would make it easier for them to introduce “Strike All” amendments to bills with little notification. Strike alls are amendments that replace the language of the bill with an entirely new bill. Usually, members are given enough warning so that they can look over the what is often extensive new language before they vote in committee. But, this would mean that a striker could be introduced moments before a meeting, giving members no time to review it. It goes without saying that this means that it would be even harder, if not impossible, for the public to weigh in.

So, exactly what shenanigans are they looking to pull here?

UPDATE: My understanding is that the motion to suspend the rules has been withdrawn. Still makes me wonder what exactly they were up to.

8 thoughts on “Be Very Afraid…

  1. Trying to make up for the time they’ve wasted not agreeing on state budget, more than 150 days at a cost of $62,163.29 per day to the taxpayer.

    It’s inaction we can’t believe in nor afford.

  2. Digusting. Not only would the public not get a chance to weigh in on the bills, but the Dems’ efforts to vote against them would be futile since they’re in the minority.

  3. First, the motion was made by Chuck Gray. Second, it’s intended to allow them to move a “real” budget – should they actually come up with one – on an emergency basis. The clock’s a -running.

    Tedski also will mention, I’m sure, that Jonathan Paton’s “we-know-better-than-Tucson-Voters” bill, which would ban the city’s election system, also won tentative approval during Committee of the Whole.

  4. These midnight raids should be disallowed. They are nothing but mischief for an electorate who is literally sleeping.

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