Come On Guys, Really?

Brett MecumI had my bit of fun at Brett Mecum’s expense yesterday. Truth is, this matter is not something that is insurmountable for the State Republican Party. They’ll put the guy on administrative leave or something similar, maybe things will be hard to run around the office for a bit, but these aren’t long term difficulties.

What I think is more of a problem is this matter with Republican Professionals, a group of Republicans that get together for happy hours up in Phoenix. Not so much with the group specifically, but it indicates a big problem with the leadership of Randy Pullen and his cadre.

According to Politico Mafioso and the Yellow Sheet, the group was founded by Charles Jensen and has included members like Mecum and former legislative candidate Jeff Dial. They have been criticized for being the “drunk republicans” (their logo includes a martini glass). I, as a recently cashiered alumni of the Young Democrats, am shocked that there is debauchery at any meeting of young, single political types.

There were some sexual harassment allegations directed at Dial and another politico, Ryan Ducharme, which led to their exile from the organization. So, Dial and Ducharme’s pal Mecum decided to intervene and stage a putsch. They got Pullen and well-placed Republican attorney and lobbyist Lee Miller to take action to have Jensen, the group’s president, removed.

Anyway, there are many other details, charges and counter-charges, you can check them out at Politico Mafioso or at the Yellow Sheet if you can afford the subscription.

Here is the question that I would be asking if I were a Republican donor, especially one that is contemplating spending a $1000 on a table at next week’s fundraiser with Haley Barbour:

Why are Mecum, Pullen and their allies wasting their time with such penny ante silliness?

Okay, think about this, you’ve got the executive director of the state Republican party and the chairman of the state party (who is also an officer of the RNC) spending their time and energy organizing a coup for control of a group that organizes cocktail parties? Is there something better they could be doing?

Come to think of it, I don’t mind at all. Keep up the good work, boys. You are fine Americans.

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