7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Citizen Granted a Stay

  1. wow, talk about cutting it close…. It has to make you wonder if these suitors were waiting until Gannet would be ready to take just about anything.

  2. I suspect it’s more that Gannett would like to shut it down, but the Justice Department started sniffing around to see if they were making a good-faith effort to sell it (in accordance with the JOA), so they found someone to talk to in order to keep up appearances and avoid legal trouble.

  3. A bit late as several employees have already found other jobs. Typical of Gannett to be so late in this announcement, keeping those staffers “on hold.”

  4. Whatever the reason, I hope the Citizen survives in some semblance of a community newspaper; the Citizen has much better local news coverage and local columnists than the Star — and way better than the Weekly, which mostly rehashes the Star and Citizen for news, and values attitude rather than informed intelligence it its columns.

  5. The Citizen will die for the reason that ALL MEDIA WILL DIE. It’s too lieeeeeeeeeebral!

  6. Hey Greg Patterson! You have your own blog! Stop posting on this one.

    “Philski” indeed. Yeesh.

  7. Meanwhile, speaking of ‘conservative’ media, here is what is going on in Flagstaff:

    KAFF, the only station there that has Rush Limbaugh on (in a city that is so liberal has as opposed to not one, but two NPR stations, both KNAU at 88.7 and 91.7) dropped him last week.

    They said it was because his ratings in Flagstaff were so low that advertisers (especially local advertisers) were not seeing any business from their advertising and were therefore dropping their sponsorship.

    So the station between Tuesday and Thursday last week (days there was no Rush in Flagstaff) got 250 calls from listeners demanding that he be put back on the air.

    So they put him back, but on a trail basis. They have made it clear that they will only keep him there if and only if they start generating some more local advertising revenue on his show.

    So yeah. There is some media in some serious trouble for you.

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