Quote of the Week…For Now

Andy Biggs, at a hearing of the Ways and Means Committee Yesterday, confirming all of the fears of those of us who wonder if any of the solons running our state have their heads screwed on straight:

Education does not create jobs.

By the way, the property tax cut they voted for will save the average Arizona family a grand total of $3. I think most folks would pay that for decent schools.

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Week…For Now

  1. hey Ted—What is wrong with what Andy said? signed, Ron Gould

    Tedski: Andy certainly understands the role government and business in society. Signed: Russell Pearce

  2. Hasn’t Biggs heard? Getting a high school diploma and only a high school diploma is enough to land you in the governor’s chair in this state.

  3. Laugh all you want, but that $3 in the pockets of Hard Working Americans is more economic “stimulus” than all of Obamavitch’s bridges to nowhere combined. I think we have ample evidence that the sound policy of cutting taxes every year has kept this state strong.

  4. Andy’s sister is a Reading Specialist for the Dept of Ed here in Pima County.. wonder what she thinks about this statement

  5. Why oh why do you commies think that government spending will save us??! Why can’t you listen to Anchor Baby* Bobby Jindal, who tells us that tax cuts are the way to go (while acting like he never took boo coo federal unemployment dollars when he was in Congress).

    * OMG he admitted that his mom moved here when she was 4 months pregnant with him. Someone, call Lou Dobbs!!1!

  6. So Biggs is working on his 4th degree? I get it now. Because he’s a professional student he doesn’t understand that other people actually parlay their education into employment.

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