To Quote: Wah!

Here’s the new spin on the dissatisfaction with the state’s budget: it is all the fault of the Democrats.

This is being sold by folks like Tim Bee and John Munger. Here’s how this works: if Democratic leaders were just willing to make a deal with the Republican leaders instead of being so obstructionist, folks like Bob Burns and Kirk Adams would not have to count on the right-wing of their party to pass a budget. Yep…it is all the fault of Democrats.

I called House Assistant Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema and asked her what she thought of this postulation. She used a two syllable term that is a profane description for the waste of a male bovine. Sinema reported several occasions where she and other Democratic leaders had approached the Republican leadership suggesting putting together a budget that would appeal to moderates of both parties, and she was rebuffed.

You don’t even need anecdotes about what goes on in the back rooms to find this spin dubious. Take a look at their public actions of the leadership of both houses. For example, you don’t put Russell Pearce and Al Melvin in charge of the appropriations process over on the Senate side when you want bipartisanship and concilliation. If Adams and Burns would rather not have their party’s right flank drive the budget process, why the heck did they give them the keys to the car, plus twenty bucks for gas?

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  1. I think it’s great that Timby is working on messaging for the Rs. His keen political insights will serve their party well.

  2. This goes back to the extremely stupid “rule of 31” policy put in place by the previous speaker, which stated that no budget would move forward without the votes of 31 Republican members. To no ones’ surprise, this made moving forward rather difficult, particularly with a Democrat at the Governor’s desk. This assured that sessions would continue well into May and June.

    Leadership often spoke of this as if it was some long-standing tradition of the House, when in fact, as Representative Brown, who has served in the legislature since the Goddard administration, pointed out on at least one occasion, this approach was unprecedented.

    My understanding is that during the days of Burton Barr, whose bust stands in a hallway of the Capitol, the budget was often passed by a coalition of Democrats and Republicans. Given the composition of the House at the time, I am sure that this was not out of some lofty feel-good desire to acheive bi-partisanship, but rather it was practical politics. During those days the Governor was often a Democrat (Castro, Bolin, Babbitt), who had his own priorities with regard to the budget, and it was likely simply easier to cobble together a coalition of moderates from both parties rather than drag extremists in kicking and screaming.

  3. From “blog for Arizona”:
    “…To all of the progressive organizations in Arizona, the time has come for you to form your own chapter (or version) of the Courage Campaign and organize to “Stop the Insanity: Restore Democracy to Arizona” by repealing the two-thirds super majority constitutional provision, Article 9, Section 22 of the Arizona Constitution (Prop. 108, 1992). It is the only way to end the madness of the GOP Taliban holding this state hostage to their “no new taxes” pledge, which prevents any substantive discussion of comprehensive tax reforms that are badly needed and long overdue in this state….

  4. Even Republican voters are furious now that their kids schools are getting cut and that the universities they are or will send their kids to are likely to raise tuition through the roof.

    So they want to blame Democrats for this budget. Which is a little like blaming a seven year old for his parent’s poor decisions. The Democrats don’t have any authority at all, at any level. They can’t even pass gas without Republican approval.

  5. OK—ok—ok–i figured out, it is obvious the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl thanks to the Democrats….Hurricane Katrina? it was a Democrat fabricated storm to make the GOP look bad. Democrats also caused the Suns to suck this year, and most importantly all the actions of the last 5 most notorious American Serial killers; Plane crashes? Democrats…..???DUH???…..the crappy part about this post, is that some complete MORON will believe it. Probably Ron Gould

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