To Answer the Question…

Okay, to answer the quesion I’ve gotten from a few of you, the last Democratic Party chairman from Pima County was Bill Minette, who served from 1991-1993.

And, by the way, since we had a chairman from Pima County that year, that meant the First Vice Chairman could come from Maricopa County. The First Vice Chair during Minette’s reign was a lawyer from Phoenix named Janet Napolitano.

6 thoughts on “To Answer the Question…

  1. I had the honor of meeting Bill in 1998, when I was the Vote by Mail Coordinator for the Coordinated Campaign (the first time we had ever ran a statewide vote by mail effort). Bill had run the successful VBM effort in Pima County in 1996 and taught me everything I needed to know about the process.

    I looked forward to going to Tucson just so I could hang out with him and Martin (yes, that Martin!) in the teeny tiny office on Broadway and hear their stories about days gone by…

  2. I heard a rumor that our new chairman demanded that Maria Weeg, the ED, resign on Monday. Is that true?

  3. Paul is a thoughtful man, an excellent leader and a great strategic planner. We have a great team that will focus on all of Arizona.

    My personal thanks for the encouragement and support given when I decided to run for vice chair. We will need your continued support to help us turn Arizona blue.

    No, Travis, no one was asked to resign.

    Mohur Sidhwa

  4. Staff drama and petty conflicts need to be checked at the door as we all unite behind our new Chairman and draft a strategic plan for 2010, put the state party in a fiscally sound position and advocate a responsible policy agenda amidst the upcoming budget crisis. Please do not allow rumors of hasty decision making and poor leadership to perpetuate. Well said Mohur. PC

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