Live Blogging from the Democratic Party Convention

6:33 – Gerald Richard wins on the first ballot. We are done.

6:23 – Counting ballots for Affirmative Action Chair. Three or four hundred Democrats pray for a first ballot victory.

6:11 – Matt Capalby elected 2nd Vice Chair.

6:07 – Michael Williams just refered to Michael Ossipov as “Ossipovski.” He just made a Serb into a Pole. There are cities in the East where that will earn you an ass kicking.

6:02 – Apparently, there is already a message out there that Eckerstrom wants the party to advocate higher taxes. Geez. It is already starting.

5:47 – Blake withdraws point of order. OWNED!

5:46 – Bob Schwartz quotes back the bylaws.

5:45 – Eli Blake quotes the bylaws. Why’d you have to go and do that?

5:43 – Vice chair results, Rabago and Gallego elected on first ballot. Landfried is dropped, Capalby and Holmes fight it out for the third slot.

5:40 – Michael Williams nominated.

5:39 – Gerald Richard nominated. What, a contest?

5:35 – Bob Gilby nominates Michael Ossipov for Affirmative Action Coordinator.

5:33 – Anne Greenberg elected by acclamation.

5:32 – Laura Hogan nominates Anne Greenberg for Education Coordinator.

5:30 – Nominations closed, Maguire elected by acclamation.

5:28 – Mark Manoil nominates Rick Maguire for treasurer. To reiterate: just give the guy the job for life already.

5:26 – Pfau elected by acclamation.

5:23 – Lois Pfau nominated for Secretary. Just give the woman the job for life, for God’s sake.

5:22 – First faux pas: Roland Ullman finishes up labor caucus report, Paul tries to show his labor cred as Ullman leaves stage by noting: “As a dues paying member of SEIU…” Ullman is a dyed in the wool AFSCME member.

4:55 – Capalby makes an Alamo reference, there goes the Hispanic vote.

4:53 – My prediction: three ballots for male vice chair.

4:48 – I must say that the speeches for the various vice chair candidates are better and more specific that I have seen in the past.

4:44 – Gallego: “Anger is not a plan.”

4:43 – Gallego: “Elections have consequences.” Say it, brother.

4:36 – Word is that Bivens has left the building.

4:35 – Donna Branch Gilby seconds Holmes.

4:34 – Sandra Kennedy nominated Harold Holmes.

4:33 – Capalby seconded by Ruben Gallego. Unusual, since he’s another candidate in the race.

4:30 – Matt Capalby nominated by some long haired freak.

4:27 – Landfried seconded by Doug Banfelder.

4:26 – Todd Landfried nominated by Gerald Richard. Richard gets a lot of applause from the Maricopa County folks.

4:25 – Surprise, surprise: Gallego seconded by Kate Widland.

4:23 – Cole Hickman nominates Ruben Gallego. Good to hear, because there was a rumor that Gallego wasn’t going to run if Eckerstrom won. Nice to see that that wasn’t true.

4:22 – Kara Kelty seconds nomination. Somewhere in the room, Adam Kinsey’s heart skips a beat.

4:20 – Lois Pfau nominates Vince Rabago.

4:19 – Female 2nd Vice Chairs elected by acclamation.

4:18 – First vice chair: 214 – 352 Young.

4:16 – Mohur Sidhwa nominated.

4:15 – No other nominations? Only two for three slots?

4:13 – Connection just went gaga. Things I missed: Warner discussed election of DNC officers and used the phrase “President Obama,” crowd applauds. Bree Boehlke nominated second vice chair by Dana Kennedy and Stan Williams, Jo Kelleher is also nominated.

4:07 – Carolyn Warner gives the Democratic National Committee report.

4:05 – Nominations closed, Smith elected by acclamation.

4:04 – Joe Robeson, Chair of Pinal County, seconds Ken Smith for senior vice chair.

4:02 – Judy Kennedy nominates Ken Smith for senior vice chair.

3:33 – Voting on vice chair begins.

3:30 – Young and Fernandez are giving speeches.

3:22 – No additional candidates are nominated, it’s Fernandez vs. Young.

3:21 – Nominations are reopened for 1st Vice Chair. Branch Gilby withdraws (with Eckerstrom elected, she is not eligible to run) and endorses Harriet Young.

3:15 – 324 – 245 ECKERSTROM WINS!

3:13 – Laura Elías de la Torre seconds nomination.

3:10 – Harold Holmes, Chair of the African-American Caucus, nominates Donna Branch Gilby, despite the fact that the chairman has made it clear that nominations from Pima County will have to wait. Holmes says Gilby will “Service the whole state.”

3:08 – Angela Lefevre seconds nomination. Something about her British accent tells me that she is not a native of Coconino County. I await Tom’s reference to “Miss Lefevre” and Maow.

3:07 – Kara Kelty nominates Harriet Young.

3:05 – Luis Heredia seconds Fernandez’s nomination.

3:04 – David Higuera nominates Charlene Fernandez.

3:03 – DuVal is accepting nominations for 1st Vice Chair, and will allow them to be reopened after the chairman’s election.

2:58 – Cole Hickman from the Young Democrats speaks.

2:57 – The Lord speaks. Bob Lord.

2:53 – Ted Downing is bringing up election integrity issues.

2:51 – Break time. Normally, we’d skip to 1st Vice Chair, but we can’t do that until we know which person wins for chair. The 1st Vice Chair has to be from a different county as the chair. Should Paul win, Donna Branch-Gilby would be unable to run, but someone from Maricopa county could.

2:50 – People mulling. A bunch of people from Maricopa County are already grousing about imminent party collapse if Eckerstrom wins. Give me a freakin’ break.

2:23 – Voting begins. Duval joked about getting nominations other than for a lawyer. Paul’s stemwinder got a lot of applause. We’ll see if that means votes.

2:12 – Phil Lopes seconds nomination.

2:10 – Sandra Kennedy nominates Paul Eckerstrom. She says “Eckstrom.” I guess South Tucson is missing its mayor.

2:08 – Jeff Latas seconds. Makes fourth reference to Randy Pullen being elected by the Republicans.

2:07- Don Bivens nominated for chair by Attorney General Terry Goddard.

2:02 – Yep, one person asks a question about cumulative voting on Vice Chairs. She has been coming to meetings since the 1980’s and knows that we have never done that. Despite this, she says “Sometimes it is the other way.”

2:01 – Fred DuVal will preside over the chairmanship election.

1:59 – David Lelz is explaining voting procedures. As I’ve said at previous conventions, this will not prevent someone from pretending that no one explained some rule when there is a problem. Also: there will be an excuse that “We’ve never done it this way before!” This will happen despite how many decades we have followed those rules.

1:57 – Eligible members: 678, we have 421 present, 158 proxy. We are well over quorum.

1:55 – Credentials report. This means that voting will be soon.

1:48 – Just got word from across town that Randy Pullen has been reelected chair of the Republican party by forty votes.

1:42 – Bivens is pointing out that we are left with a lot the same situation regarding legislative districts until 2012. “We are running in the same districts in 2010.” Yeah, great. Are we going to do polling and check the numbers before we run in those districts this time?

1:40 – I’ve been giving out Eckerstrom stickers that a couple of us dummied up before the meeting. Bivens is giving his report.

1:19 – Terry Goddard just spoke on budget issues. Harry Mitchell takes the podium.

22 thoughts on “Live Blogging from the Democratic Party Convention

  1. I thnk its a little early to be looking at the 2010 legislative races, the focus should be on how best to counter the budget slashes proposed by the repubs..




    have fun in the unemployment line!

  3. out with the old…in with the new!!! Lets hope they focus on taking back the 9th floor, b/c with out it, we’re going to end up right back where we started in 2000.

  4. Just for the record, it is never to early to start planning for 2010 (for any race).

    And congrats Paul! I am glad I got to leave you a voicemail before it was full!

  5. As a Pima County guy, I offer the incoming Chair much encouragement in his latest endeavor and high hopes for the future of the Arizona Democratic Party. To our outgoing Chair I offer warmest regards and great appreciation for his service to the Arizona Democratic Party.

  6. Something similar happened in TN … the guy who lost was picked and endorsed publicly by the Dem Governor and all the dem congressional delegation and Harold Ford Jr. The activists (and the state comm there is way smaller) picked the “grassroots” guy.

  7. Thanks for the play by play! This is the first time I wish I had been at a State Committee meeting, including all the ones where I was there because I was on the State Committee! I’m so excited. I had resigned as PC and SC member because I was so disgusted with the Bivens crew……….but now I have Hope.

  8. I joined you in voting out the best fundraising guy we’ve had in a long time (and unlike some people I had a tough decision to make because I do believe that Bivens deserved another term.) I liked what Eckerstrom said about messaging though, so I voted for him. Now he better produce.

    As far as the tax thing is concerned, Eckerstrom referred in his speech to the fact that a lot of people would rather pay more tax than see education get cut (which is true, in fact, even in the deep red little town where I live– people here — most of whom are parents or grandparents– have consistently supported school bonds and higher local property taxes for the school.) That’s not a direct endorsement of higher taxes, but I actually agree with him, that we should quit cowering every time someone mentions taxes. We’ve let Republicans define the issue, and step one to taking it back is to quit using the phrase ‘tax relief’ and start using ‘tax investment,’ especially when talking about education.

  9. Congratulations to Paul Eckerstrom and his new team of officers. His passion and articulation of democratic values won the day. We in Maricopa County look forward to those talents inspiring our volunteers, increasing our registration numbers and voter turn-out and ultimately, to winning elections in 2010! We pledge our support to our new Chair and this new spirit of collaboration.

  10. It was a grand meeting. With Napolitano gone, it’s new era for AZ Dems. Best wishes to the incoming team, and thank you, Mr. Bivens, for your service to the party. It is all too frequently a thankless job. Now let’s get to work!

  11. wish I’d known you were there.
    would loved to have said hello in person.
    Keep up the great work !

  12. Just a quick note of thanks to Tom for the great nominating speech and to you Ted for the coverage.

    …Sorry for the “Alamo” reference.

  13. Loved your recap. BTW, who was that long-haired freak??? You never know who shows up for these events.

    Silliness aside, your notes were fantastic and a fair representation of what went on. Most exciting election I’ve yet seen and a real ray of hope in that (formerly) ever darkening universe we live in. Great job, Bro …

  14. azw88 wrote: “I thnk its a little early to be looking at the 2010 legislative races, the focus should be on how best to counter the budget slashes proposed by the repubs.”

    I agree and I also suspect its possible to do both at the same time — current focus on the budget laying some foundation for 2010 elections somehow.

    In any case, I hope the newly shifted ADP starts getting aggressive right away and focusing on the current budget crisis loudly, publicly and effectively.

  15. Great job, Ted! This may be the best live blogging I’ve seen on any site. You done us proud.

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    I am a new PC from Tucson — this was to be my first State meeting. I have been looking for news about the election so that I might understand what happened since I wasn’t there. You provided me with more than I envisioned possible!

    I truly embrace positive change — President Obama is a great example, of course; Chairman Paul is another!

    Let’s hear it for democratic achievement within the Democratic Party!

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