Zoo, And I Don’t Mean the Woodley Park Stop


Longworth Building


Lines. Lines. Lines.

Naw, that doesn’t really describe them. Crowds doesn’t either. I don’t want to say mob, not that bad. Let me give you a quick example. We had to pick up our tickets at Raúl Grijalva’s office over at the Longworth building. There were two block long lines, one for each entrance. We ended up not having to wait long as Grijalva staffer Sami Hamed led us to the front of the line (yes, I have that much juice). Jim McDermott sent a couple of staffers out to gather his constituents, while Rush Holt, to his credit, came out himself to get his constituents.

Anyhow, upon leaving the building, the lines were even longer. Both lines backed up onto C Street and so that they each passed each other. So, you were looking at the middle of another long line of people that were headed for the same place you were.

The Metro station for that cluster of buildings is called Capitol South. The Metro station got so crowded that personnel were letting folks in without asking them for their fare cards. Sounded like a great idea, until we got to our stop and couldn’t get out of the station. Lucky for us, the stop we got off at was lightly crowded and the Metro worker we encountered was nice to us. Nice, despite his anger at the other Metro employees that didn’t bother to inform people in the rest of the system of what they were doing. “I’m talking to someone and someone will be on the street, that’s the truth.”