Just to Round It Out, Let’s Draft Local Dendrochronologist Thomas Pickney Harlan Too

Yes, 2010 is already at hand. I know that all of you were anxiously awaiting it. The could at least wait until we stop writing 2008 on our checks and the McCain/Palin stickers fade off of the back of those Hummers.

There is a movement afoot to draft John Adams, a retired Army General, to run for Senate in 2010. Adams was very active in Barack Obama’s Arizona campaign, flew to some other states to serve as a surrogate and even appeared in a long form ad that played during the World Series.

The seat is rumored to be occupied by John McCain, who it is said is a Senator from here.  We know this because he has barbecues for the national press in Cornville. McCain has already set up an exploratory committee, he announced he was doing so right after a high profile meeting with Obama and shortly before Janet Napolitano was tapped for Homeland Security, leading to all sorts of unfounded but none the less interesting rumors. Even so, there is still speculation that he might not run. This seems to be more wishful thinking on the part of Democratic political hacks who hope for an open seat.

A couple of folks that were active in Obama’s primary campaign have been talking this up and hope to tap into Obama’s organization in the state. Also talking up a Adams candidacy is newly elected State Representative Matt Heinz.

NB – This wouldn’t be the first time that Democrats tried to recruit a general to run against McCain. Back in 1992, Truman Spangrud, Lieutenent General, former Comptroller of the Air Force and brother of Marcia Weeks, ran but got beaten in the Democratic primary.

10 thoughts on “Just to Round It Out, Let’s Draft Local Dendrochronologist Thomas Pickney Harlan Too

  1. Put me down as enthusiastic about John Adams’ candidacy. He spoke to our Democratic club awhile back. Very impressive.

  2. Ditto to what Terry said above. Anyone who has heard General Adams speak could not fail to be impressed with his knowledge, articulate manner and gravitas. His reserved demeanor would also stand in stark contrast to that of the mercurial McCain. Last, he would not be an easy target for the GOP slime machine to take on…not that I think they won’t try.

  3. A guy who uses words like “mercurial” really should have spent some more time on the “could not fail to be impressed” train wreck.

    But I agree that Gen. Adams is a baller.

  4. That would explain his ‘much to consider’ post of facebook..

    Count me in as support of Adams for Senate!!

  5. I will support John on whatever he decides his patriotism and integrity are unmatched, he inspires anyone he meets to want to be a better American.

  6. The first time I heard John Adams speak was over a year ago. All I thought was, “this guy needs to run for office!”

  7. Count me in. Veterans need a legitimate advocate that has an actual record of addressing Veteran’s issues. McCain has only provided lip-service to the needs of returning Vets and their families.

  8. Excellent point, Matt. McCain’s excess of talk and lack of action is well-known in the AZ veteran community, although it’s spoken about in hushed tones.

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