8 thoughts on “As Rorschach Would Say, “Hrm”

  1. Since one of those policy changes might include a raise in taxes (Gov. to be Brewer has mentioned it and Weiers is convening a blue-ribbon panel to “study” the tax code) this could end up being *quite* interesting.

  2. Your correspondent’s ire is misplaced. The better question is, “Why would a governor an 80%approval rating, serving a state with a great many acute needs, turn said state over to the sole control of the other party?”

    Come on! If this was a Democratic secretary of state getting ready to succeed a Republican governor with high approval ratings, this blog would be talking about all the positive changes about to ensue!

    Brewer and the GOP have their chance now and will certainly do all they can to put their ideas and policies in place. This is the hand we’ve been dealt. The thing to do now is for legislative Democrats to oppose Brewer and her allies with vigor, smarts and a well thought-out counter-agenda.

  3. The state NEEDS a tax increase. It’s long overdue. If Brewer is the way to get it done, that will be the silver lining in an otherwise very dark cloud.

  4. I expect to see spending slashed and burned long before any tax increase proposal is seriously considered. I’d love to be proven wrong for once, though. If there is a tax increase proposal, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on personal income taxes while corporate taxes are further cut to obfuscate and otherwise keep the business community happy.

  5. I hope Dems in the state legislature will have the sense to provide absolutely NO BIPARTISAN COVER to the extreme cuts which the Repubs will make to education and children’s healthcare. Make sure that voters know that these are REPUBLICAN cuts from a REPUBLICAN governor and a REPUBLICAN legislature. I admit I have little basis to hope that they will do this. The Dems will do what they always do, they’ll bend over and take it up the ass, hoping the Rethugs will toss them some crumbs.

  6. I agree our tax system is dangerously out of balance.

    However, it can’t all be blamed on the Republicans. The Governor agreed to the cuts to ease her reelection. She bares as much or more responsibility as the Republicans that proposed them.

    Comprehensive tax reform must be undertaken for the state’s long-term health. However, the only people served by democrats even hinting at a tax increase are Jan Brewer, Bob Burns and Kirk Adams.

    It’s vital we not take the bait. Read my lips: no new taxes.

  7. I repeat, Dem must give NO BIPARTISAN cover to cuts in K-12, Universities, or children’s healthcare. The Rethugs must bear the ENTIRE responsibility for any such cuts.

  8. Zelph,

    I am not sure where you are getting your information. Recent Democratic leadership, particularly in the House, has been frequently criticized by the Capitol Press Corps for not being sufficiently co-operative with the Republican majority. The mere fact that Republican legislation passes is no indication that Democrats played along, but rather a product of the fact that the Republicans are in the majority, as they have been for over four decades. Your criticism is unfair, cynical, and unsupported by historical fact.

    During the 2007 session, as may be recalled, a small group of Democratic House members decided to strike out on their own and attempt to make their own “bipartisan” budget deal with Republican leadership. The abortive deal would have gained our constituencies very little if anything, and the effort acomplished nothing other than create a lot of unnecessary bad feelings. This was not something that was supported by either the leadership or the Democratic caucus as a whole.

    I have heard nothing from the new Democratic leadership in the House to indicate that they intend to, in your words, “bend over” or provide “BIPARTISAN cover” for the bad policy initiatives that are sure to come out of this new Governor and Legislature. If you are privy to some secret deal, then I would love to hear about it.

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