“We Are Doing Really Well, Trust Us On This One…”

Sydney Hay’s campaign is claiming that they have an internal poll showing that they are only three points behind Ann Kirkpatrick.

So, you ask, what is the sample size, margin of error and all of that? They don’t want to say. Money quote from PolitickerAZ:

[Hay Spokesman Roy] Tyler didn’t release any information about the polling’s methods or margin of error, nor did he reveal the specific results. However, he said it showed Hay “within three points” of her Democratic rival Ann Kirkpatrick.

No, she runs as good as new. That’s just water dripping out of the crank case and that smoke smell in the upholstery should wear off in a few days.

D-Trip Out

There is an interesting bit of fall out to last week’s repudiation by Gabrielle Giffords’s campaign of ads run against Tim Bee by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

For those that don’t remember the gory details, the DCCC ran ads attacking Bee Line, the bus company owned by members of Bee’s family (the swarm?). Giffords and her crew were none too pleased. The trouble is, organizations like the DCCC, by legal necessity, don’t run these ads with prior approval of the candidates that they are being run to help. Giffords’s folks had only one way to voice their displeasure, and that was by sending out a press release disavowing the ad and asking that the DCCC pull it.

At the request of the DCCC, two local stations have cancelled the ad, while KVOA has a strict cancellation period that means ads will run until October 27th. The ads will be replaced with an older ad connecting Bee with President Bush.

Here’s the kicker: the DCCC has decided to pull out of the race entirely. They have no time reserved beyond the current ad run. They aren’t changing message; they are leaving. In other words, they are no longer bothering with a race they already believe is being won by the local campaign.

Every Saturday, Pullen Is An Arch Duke and Gets His Own Squire

SCAThe Arizona Democratic Party has filed a complaint that the Arizona Republican Party has been recieving contributions from a “shadow” organization in an attempt to conceal the identity of donors. In turn, this money has been used to fund a series of vicious ads against Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate Dan Saban and Maricopa County Attorney Candidate Tim Nelson.

The name of the shadow group? SCA.

That’s right. The campaign against Saban and Nelson is being funded by pudgy J. R. R. Tolkien fanatics who make their own chainmail. You heard it here first.

So, How Smart Was That?

This video has been making the rounds. I think anyone could have told you that this was going to happen. First off, politicians rarely, if ever, get good receptions at sporting events. Second, Philadelphia sports fans…geez. I mean, these guys throw cups, nickles and batteries at their own players. Didn’t they boo Santa Claus once? How good of an idea was this?

Back when I went to MLS Cup in November, the section behind us was a Philadelphia based group called “The Sons of Ben” (yes, the acronym was intentional). They formed when they heard there might be an MLS team in Philadelphia soon. They were ultra obnoxious and tried to start fights with us Revolution fans below. Let me repeat: they don’t even have a team yet and they were already starting fights and being all-purpose pinheads.

I digress: how good of an idea was this now?

NB: Reader BrittF was only a few rows from the SOBs…I expect a comment from her.