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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Has Anyone Asked Gayle Quinnell…?

So, we have all seen the woman who Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers refer to as “The Crazy Lady from the McCain Rally.” I’d be curious to ask her: if she lived in New Hampshire, who would she vote for: John Sununu Jr. or Jean Shaheen?

It’s A Word, It’s A Plan…

I caught John McCain’s appearance on David Letterman tonight. McCain joked that he was thinking about asking his son to send him a helmet and a flak jacket. Too bad McCain voted against sending our troops body armor, or they might actually be able to spare some.

“We Are Doing Really Well, Trust Us On This One…”

Sydney Hay’s campaign is claiming that they have an internal poll showing that they are only three points behind Ann Kirkpatrick. So, you ask, what is the sample size, margin of error and all of that? They don’t want to say. Money quote from PolitickerAZ: [Hay Spokesman Roy] Tyler didn’t release any information about the […]

Because I Got a Late Start This Morning: Another Edition of the R-Cubed Caption Contest

Debate Preview

NB: Yes, yes, I grievously stole this from Christopher Orr, but I like it.

D-Trip Out

There is an interesting bit of fall out to last week’s repudiation by Gabrielle Giffords’s campaign of ads run against Tim Bee by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. For those that don’t remember the gory details, the DCCC ran ads attacking Bee Line, the bus company owned by members of Bee’s family (the swarm?). Giffords […]

The Only Ones I Like Are Me and Izabella Scorupco

One of the folks at Gila Courier wrote me a couple of days back to point out a poll that shows John Shadegg with a nine point lead over Bob Lord. Well, you know, I don’t believe polls. The only one that matters is the one cast by the voters on election day. That’s what […]

Every Saturday, Pullen Is An Arch Duke and Gets His Own Squire

The Arizona Democratic Party has filed a complaint that the Arizona Republican Party has been recieving contributions from a “shadow” organization in an attempt to conceal the identity of donors. In turn, this money has been used to fund a series of vicious ads against Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate Dan Saban and Maricopa County Attorney […]

I’m Switching

I wasn’t sure that there was a lot that would make me change my mind about Barack Obama, but I have been looking at these videos from Mortimer Hayden Smyth of the noted conservative think-tank, The Center for American Free Thought. He’s got me convinced.

So, How Smart Was That?

This video has been making the rounds. I think anyone could have told you that this was going to happen. First off, politicians rarely, if ever, get good receptions at sporting events. Second, Philadelphia sports fans…geez. I mean, these guys throw cups, nickles and batteries at their own players. Didn’t they boo Santa Claus once? […]