76,000’s a Crowd

I can’t plug in tonight, so this will be my last post until seven or so.

The lines to get into this place extend for miles. I think that the naysayers that thought that this was a bad idea (which included me) are proven wrong. This crowd is already amped, including the folks in the nosebleed seats.

The Arizona delegation is right behind Illinois, which should make things interesting.

Howard Dean already spoke, in a rather inauspicious mid-afternoon slot. One fellow delegate wondered if he is being slighted, but I think he just wants to keep the focus on the nominee, which is where it should be.

Gen. Adams will apparently be on stage tonight. Look for him.

I’ll be back on later.

3 thoughts on “76,000’s a Crowd

  1. “…whiny but accurate”
    Barrett Marson, Director of Communications, Arizona House of Representatives

    this guy used to work at the AZ Daily Star.

  2. I was in the line but because of the way that the train showed up I got to cut. By like three miles.

  3. I heard that people were in line at 2 in the afternoon to get in for the event that started 4 hours later–long lines indeed. They must not have all the entrances open and they must be doing body searches.

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