Overview of Monday Night

First off, for those of you that asked: unlike Cassie Bernall, she did say yes.

After the proposal, Ruben Gallego had to leave the floor. He assigned his duties to John Adams, a retired general. Gallego, a Marine Corps grunt, noted the irony of an enlisted man giving the general an order.

I think I made this point in my “live blogging:” for all of the talk about angry Hillary Clinton delegates being disgruntled and ready to jump ship, the Clinton delegates, at least in our delegation, whooped, hollered and cheered when Barack Obama’s name was mentioned just as loudly as the Obama delegates did.

I spoke to Dennis DeConcini about Ted Kennedy’s speech and we agreed that the man still has “it.” There is something about the way he speaks. Look at a guy like Tom Harkin, or even Jesse Jackson. Those two can be inspiring, but there is a bit of anger in the rhetoric, a bit of us vs. them. I don’t get that vibe from Kennedy at all. I don’t know how he does it.

I found Jim Leach’s speech a bit dry, but he laid down an excellent conservative case against the current Republican party. I think it was the first time the name Everett Dirksen was invoked at a Democratic convention.

A word or two on Tom Harkin. You may have noticed that he signed the first part of his introduction of Leach. His brother is deaf, so he learned to sign. His withdrawl from the 1992 presidential race was done in a speech at Gallaudet University, a school for the deaf.

2 thoughts on “Overview of Monday Night

  1. Tedski, Kennedy interacts with the audience in a positive, friendly way and I think that is how he has learned to communicate effectively. He was smiling and laughing throughout his speech when the audience applauded him. He was obviously ecstatic just to be there last night, and I’m sure he was very happy about the tribute.

    Jesse Jackson Jr. gave an excellent speech in the delivery style that he learned from the civil rights leaders. He looks really young, but he is actually 43. Remember that the most important forum used by the leaders of the civil rights movement to disseminate their message was the church and this accounts for the delivery style. I didn’t sense
    anger or us vs. them in Jackson’s rhetoric as you did. I think what he was going for is the “fierce urgency of now” and I liked his emphasis of our having a stake in each other. To me, his message was about unity.

    I like Jackson Jr. I think he’s stepping up to be one of those to take the place of the old civil rights leaders who are leaving us one by one.

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