Live Blogging – Monday

7:41 – Delegation whip Ruben Gallego just proposed to his girlfriend Kate Widland. Cameras are snapping.

7:37 – “Hope still lives, and dreams never die.” Those were also the words to Kennedy’s speech at the 1980 convention. Eckerstrom had them memorized; he thinks it was the ’80 speech was the best he’d heard before Obama came along. Kennedy leaves stage to “Still the One.” Oddly, the guy that wrote that song is now a congressman from New York and is probably here.

7:34 – Stroke or no…this guy has still got it.

7:32 – Kennedy – “Nothing is going to keep me away from this gathering tonight.”

7:31 – Two minute ovation for Ted Kennedy.

7:29 – Word on this supposed “disunity:” Mention of Barack Obama’s name leads entire delegation, without exception, to a standing O.

7:22 – Appearance of the three Kennedy brothers in taped piece prompts applause.

7:20 – I’m sitting next to Paul Eckerstrom, who worked on Kennedy’s presidential campaign. I expect that he will be particularly touched by Kennedy’s appearance.

7:19 – Caroline Kennedy – “Teddy is your senator too.”

7:17 – When I was young, I used to refer to the adoration of the Kennedys by Democratic activists as “Political Necrophilia.” I was young and stupid about it. As I grow older, I understand it.

]7:15 – Caroline Kennedy…crowd goes nuts because we know what’s next.

7:11 – Balanoff – “Barack Obama believes that if you work in America, you shouldn’t have to live in poverty.”

7:09 – Illinois SEIU leader Tom Balanoff is speaking. I can’t find Phoenix AFSCME stalwart Roman Ulman to see his reaction.

7:07 – Richard Schiff of West Wing was sitting with our delegation for reasons I can’t fathom.

7:05 – The signs, by the way, are delivered the delegation whip in large plastic garbage bags. I don’t know if this is for convienience or so that they are not seen.

7:03 – They are handing out Kennedy signs…I wonder who is next?

7:01 – “Whipping” seems to be working, not a single Hillary Clinton sign to be seen.

6:59 – Other news today: Hillary Clinton is expected to release her delegates on Wednesday. The fun part here is that the AP had this this morning, but many of the Clinton delegates I spoke with today had no idea.

6:58 – The filler music is actually live. Cool.

6:56 – Sitting next to Rep. Dave Schapira. The man hasn’t sat down since he realized Biden is sitting behind us. He just keeps staring.

6:55 – Camera on Biden again. Give this man his rest!

6:52 – Another shot of Biden. Crowd goes nuts. I saw a barbecue cart that he was ordering at get mobbed by 300 people today. As much respect as these guys have and have had for the man, I can’t imagine more than six or seven people trying to get at him if this was 2004.

6:50 – Break in the action, camera panning hall. It’s like those “ultimate fan” contests in breaks in basketball games. Camera picks up Biden’s bald head, crowd goes nuts.

6:49 – The hall has filled up.

6:43 Joe Biden is near our delegation! Heck, right behind us. The Massachusetts delegates in front of us are going nuts.

6:42 – Jesse Jackson Jr.: Martin Luther King Jr. would enjoy this convention because its the first to take place within sight of a mountaintop.

6:39 – A word here about “whips.” Each delegation has a “whip” appointed by the DNC, whose job it is to make sure that signs are raised and the rights signs are raised. Yeah, you thought that was all spontaneous. Our whip is Ruben Gallego. Gallego is a marine who served in Anbar province, so he’s up for the job.

6:37 – Comments from Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama’s half sister. Expect many bits from members of the Obama clan tonight. I’m glad that they are featuring one of Obama’s “ethnic” relatives instead of sticking to the “He’s Kansan” thing of late.

6:35 – Taped “resume” is being shown. During such moments, half the delegates are either milling or pointing, with the other half weakly clapping. Don’t know how that comes out on TV.

6:34 – Carter ain’t talking. Go figure.

6:33 – Carter is here live. Standing O. “Georgia on My Mind” is playing. Not the version by Republican Ray Charles.

6:30 – News of the afternoon: Senator Kennedy is in town. Many delegates wondered if he would come in person or do a remote. We are expecting no dry eyes for his speech later.

6:29 – Taped message from former President Jimmy Carter gets applause from the half filled hall.

6:27 – Got into the hall. The wireless set up I have works! Thank God. A woman who survived Hurricaine Katrina is saying “Don’t let John McCain drown us.”

12 thoughts on “Live Blogging – Monday

  1. Tedski, I’m watching this on CNN. One thing that I noticed is that some of the speeches aren’t even being shown. These are mostly people who spoke earlier in the day but I couldn’t believe it when they didn’t show Nancy Pelosi’s speech. The talking heads just yapped right over her.

    Also, the talking heads on CNN are trying to make a big deal of the fact that not all of the Clinton supporters seem to be on board. They are really trying to work that angle and I’m guessing it’s because it gives them something to talk about.

  2. What HORSESHIT! CNN’s talking heads are going on and on about how the convention lacked the red-meat attacks on the Republicans.

    Sorry, CNN et al, todays speeches were about the GOOD THINGS about our candidate, not hateful, venom-filled attacks that you think we all want.

  3. Everyone – try CSPAN. They show everything – all speakers – and no commercials! Granted – you do have to watch all those delegates dancing to Kool and the Gang…but it’s still worth it!

    Congrats to Ruben and Kate!

  4. I had the opportunity to watch C-Span a lot over the weekend, and they were playing keynote and candidate speeches all the way back to Harry Truman’s combative speech in 1948 (back when Democrats weren’t afraid to get pissed off at Republicans and show it).

    One of the best I saw, and one I was only dimly aware of as a 16 year old Republican (I got well in time to vote for Mondale, so it didn’t stick) was Ted Kennedy in 1980.

    It was powerful, it was unrepentantly liberal, and frankly, considering the subject matter, it could have just as easily been dusted off and used this week. The environment, oil prices, the economy, health care, it was all there.

    What a waste of 28 years was the feeling I was left with.

  5. C-Span is the only way to fly for convention coverage. No hypocritical gasbags like Bill Bennett, no useless tools like Chris Matthews and James Carville, and certainly no complete idiots like Howard Wolfson.

    Howard Wolfson? The guy who helped run the crappiest campaign in either party since Watergate? Really? What is he going to teach my cat about politics, let alone a thinking adult?

  6. And don’t forget about PBS for coverage. What a night! Michelle Obama NAILED that speech. Real class with the Hilary shout-out, and the tension left the building. Teddy Kennedy…a transcendent moment. And Jesse Jackson, Jr.: I didn’t hear any of the anger you mentioned above. I thought it was an outstanding effort.

    Does anyone know what’s wrong with Jimmy Carter’s left eye? In his PBS interview, it appeared to be engorged with blood. He also looked like he had difficulty seeing.

  7. Yeah, I tuned in to CSPAN and saw that they were covering all the events in their entirety. I was just curious to see what CNN as a representative of MSM was doing, and it was pretty much as expected. For some reason, they seem to think that what they have to say is more important than some of the scheduled speakers. The president of the American Federation of Teachers was yapped over by the talking heads. Who cares what an organization with over one million members thinks about anything? Isn’t it more important to follow every thought that goes through Wolf Blitzer’s head?

    I agree that Michelle Obama did an outstanding job for the Democrats last night. She is an articulate, confident woman and absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Tedski, have you looked into streaming LIVE from the floor via Raw, live footage from the floor would be great!!

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