R-Cubed Sells Out!

You no doubt have noticed the Kara Kelty ads now on the blog. The folks over at Click to Blue, who do my advertising, called me and asked me if I was willing to run the ads. I said yes because I support Kelty in the primary.

I also support Paul Newman, who I have known since he was a defense attorney in Bisbee making his first run for State House and from what I’ve seen of what he’d been able to do on the Cochise County board of Supervisors, he’d make an excellent Corporation Commissioner. I will probably be voting for Sandra Kennedy, although I am still uncomfortable with her opposition to the recent minimum wage initiative and the antics that went on when she made a run for vice chair of the state party. I cannot, however, bring myself to support for Sam George neé Vagenas in the primary.

6 thoughts on “R-Cubed Sells Out!

  1. After seeing all four Democratic candidates at the recent Nucleus Club forum for ACC members, I came to the same conclusion, Ted: Newman, Kelty and Kennedy.

  2. If I remember correctly, didn’t the DNC pick you as the Arizona blog to report on the Democratic National Convention? Why are you talking about who is advertising with you instead of telling us what is going on in Denver?

  3. Rusty,

    As far as I know, my brother left for Denver around 5 AM MST. So, when you wrote your post he had either just arrived in Denver or was not even there yet.

  4. Agree on the candidates. I also have witnessed Sam George/Vagenis way back when with Gov. Janet and the dirty antics. First this guy was in to water (we know what happened there) and now he is the solar king and united a few other dems to his cause with new websites and marketing tactics. When has he done anything or taken any interest in either? Friends with folks in Washington?….a political stategist? Just what we need. Just because consulting paid well with the Phoenix billionaire, does not mean those monies can buy any kind of influence in Arizona when you lack any real concern for the citizens of the state. As we say “show me the money” Or in this case show me a track record of caring for better lives for the people of Arizona rather than serving your own self interest through whatever clever means you cook up…solar george…….

  5. I can live with the choice of these three. But I think there is a preferable option at this point–I would recommend that people consider voting ONLY for Kara Kelty in the primary phase, just to make sure she overcomes the Vagenas/George cabal and gets into the finals. The second best scenario is one where Vagenas/George himself misses the cut. We note up here in Phoenix that Mayor Phil Gordon is doing robo-calls for Vagenas/George. Reason enough not to support Vagenas/George right there!

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