I’m confused about exactly what message Tim Bee hopes to pull out of the end of this session. First off, he managed to shepherd his budget through, which means, I suppose, that he can claim some sort of bi-partisan cred. The folks over at Blog for Arizona have an interesting take on it: since Bee passed this budget with Democratic votes and the support of a Democratic governor, it really was a Democratic budget and Bee “knuckled under.” It’s a spin I’d like to see out there, but I don’t think anyone is actually going to buy that.

On the other hand, there was the leadership that he applied to the gay marriage referendum. He went back and forth on this one. For example, he was one of the main sponsors of the legislation, but delayed the vote in the hopes that time would run out and it would never actually be presented. This back and forth was so public that it didn’t fool anyone. He even pulled a Marion McClure on this, giving an impassioned speech that seemed to be against the bill then casting the deciding vote for the darned thing.

Apparently, he then disappeared into his office to “compose” himself for about an hour.

Now, that’s leadership.

So, on the off chance Bee gets elected to congress, which one do we get, the savvy legislator who understands how to make friends on the other side to get something done we saw on the budget, or the play both sides and hopes that no one notices bivalve that we saw on the gay marriage vote?

By the way, Bee’s prioritizing of the gay marriage vote left no time for a vote on taxing authority for Pima County for Spring Training baseball. Whatever you think of a new tax for such a thing (and keep in mind that we down here could have rejected it if we didn’t like it), it was definitely something that the folks behind Bee’s campaign were interested in. So, in a choice between local business leaders and East Valley mossbacks, he chose the mossbacks.

Say, what does Bee’s campaign chair, Jim Kolbe, think of all this?

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  1. Bee tries to take credit for being a bipartisan “moderate” when he both proposes, allows a vote, and passes the anti-marriage amendement to the voters for a vote.

    Does anyone here want to dispute that he is all that different that Randy Graf on the issues?

    They only time they do is when they point out that he helps us out down here by slowing the bleeding of the cuts that we all take.

    BUT…he supports the GOP formula for raising revenue and the cuts to taxes that ultimately bring us to this place in history…over and over again.

    I, for one, am not a bit happy that the University system is going to get cut $50 million.

    The parents in this state should bitch to Tim Bee and the GOP dominated legislature when their children have to pay more in fees, tuition, and other hidden expenses to get their children through college. Those who pay their own tuition should do the same.

  2. On the subject of tuition hikes, have you looked at what the SALT Center charges students who have disabilities? It’s the cost of a class. So, students who are dislexic, etc, get charged for about 3hours more than they signed up for.

    Just had to get that off my mind, the one that has trouble processing math.

  3. yeah Teresa…unbelievable. Honestly though, the universities have been cut to the bone. Almost all state universities are far below their peers in staff, salaries, classes, and tuition too. We are also 2nd to last in the nation in student aid.

    Since state funding continues to go down, you will see the universities continue to find ways to make up the difference. Those costs will be in attracting more research dollars, higher tuition, more students, and likely bigger classes.

    Sad. And even though university salaries are below peer institutions (pretty far below), there will be no pay raise this year…which puts everyone even further behind.

  4. Query, Kral —

    Where can one find a source ranking Arizona 2nd in the bottom nationally on student aid, and other simlar stats. I knew there was a need for additional student, but I am quite surprised by that fact.

  5. Hey Tex…here is one recent chart from 05-06.


    The first I could get my hands on. It has us 3rd to last. Ahead of Wyoming and North Dakota. Take a look at the south, some of the red-est states in the nation. Look at how far ahead they are. This isn’t GOP versus DEM in many states…its OUR state and its backward mentality on government.

    I think I saw a newer ranking in a different place that had us at 2nd to last, with not much change at all in student aid. If I find it, I will post it.

    I hope this is of use to you and I hope very much that you will get the word out. Not only is higher ed being cut in state aid (total percentage of dollars to universities from states has slipped over the years from in the 20% range to the teens), but tuition goes up and up, and student aid goes down and down (when considering inflation).

    Took a deep breath so I don’t let out an angry yell (smile).

  6. I found some more data Tex.

    Estimated Number of total Awards Per Enrollment, 2006-07. We are 51 out of 52 (ahead of Wyoming). It includes Puerto Rico and DC, hence the 52.

    Grant Dollars per state population. 2006-2007. We rank 49 out of 52 with Alaska, Hawaii, and Wyoming behind us.

    Apparently, total grant aid awarded increased in 2006-2007 from what was consistently about $2.8 million a year to a jump to $13.2 million in total grant aid awarded. That amount figure brought us up to 40 out of 52. But look at the figures above. Total expenditures are meaningless unless weighed against population or enrollment.

    The report is at:


    Look for 38th Annual Survey Report.

    Happy reading.

  7. Tim Bee will beat Gabby “Tire Queen” Giffords for one reason alone: he is the greatest lawmaker in Arizona’s history. The last day of the session stands as proof.

    When the militant homosexual lobby tried to advance their special rights agenda by denying the people of Arizona the right to make same-sex marriage more illegal than it already is, President Bee stood with great Arizona community leaders like Cathy Herrod to say “No. This must stop.” He stood hand in hand with heroic lawmakers like Ron Gould and Karen Johnson to stand up for freedom and the family against the forces of darkness under liberal hatemongers like Kyrsten Sinema.

    Bee has come under criticism for letting important economic development issues like the Cactus League and economic recapture districts die without a vote so that this could happen. How can anyone argue that the prosperity of Tucson and Pima County is somehow more important than the agenda of Phoenix based groups like the Center for Arizona Policy?

    It is about time that someone puts social issues above the needs of his own community. I call that leadership, and Tim Bee is clearly a leader.

  8. Bee did what he thought would get him elected. Oh, and equal rights are not special rights.

  9. “Bee has come under criticism for letting important economic development issues like the Cactus League and economic recapture districts die without a vote so that this could happen. How can anyone argue that the prosperity of Tucson and Pima County is somehow more important than the agenda of Phoenix based groups like the Center for Arizona Policy?”

    For most liberals and many many conservatives, this answer should be the easiest ever.

    How on earth is denying the rights of some of my finest friends and neighbors to marry more important than the economic prosperity of our citizens?

    I will be honest. Other than bigotry…I can see absolutely no reason…no reason…why same-sex marriage should not be legal. It is discrimination not to and all studies about the evils of same sex unions have proven to be fiction also.

    Adding the fact that discrimination is also bad for business…makes this all to easier for me.

    I really think more people need to think about this, talk about this, and then be a little less timid.

    Republitard sure is less timid.

  10. Damn it…I never get irony unless I can read body language. Republitard should have posted a video!

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