Timmy Took a Recess to Go Out and Play

The State Senate took a recess for a few hours yesterday afternoon, and re-convened later in the evening.

What was the reason for this? What important matter needed to be attended to?

McCain Hugging BushTim Bee needed to attend that John McCain fundraiser with George Bush. Yeah, you know the one we’ve been poking fun at because they had to move it to a smaller venue to accommodate Bush’s ever plummeting approval ratings.

My question is this: did Bee get a picture with the President? I mean, he’s a different kind of Republican and needs to distance himself and all that, but still, wouldn’t he want to be seen with the leader of the free world? I mean, come on Tim, aren’t you proud to take a picture with the guy? You can show us…

11 thoughts on “Timmy Took a Recess to Go Out and Play

  1. The 3 got together to compare who’s been out to recess more: Bush with his vacations in Crawford, McSame missing votes constantly or Bee leaving work early that day.

  2. By what measure do you go by to establish a statement you allege is true? Do you use three independent sources? Was the source of this story your brother and his two imaginary friends?

  3. Walt…see the above post from Farley. I guess he “imagined” things too…and the Arizona Republic “imagined” it too. Golly, we are all just friggin’ delusional.

  4. Tom,
    I apologize for the two imaginary friends comment. That was inappropriate under the circumstances. Sometimes your brother goes over the top in his editorializing but that is no excuse for bad manners.

  5. Why is it every time I talk to Tim Bee my gaydar goes off? Does AZ really want their own Larry Craig?

  6. Ted & Tom,
    To allow Bridget’s comment to stand without severely chastising her(him) brands you both as hypocrites.

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