Election Integrity Lawsuit Update

The judge has made his rulling in the election integrity lawsuit here in Pima County. The county must make available its databases to the political parties for examination. Michael Bryan has been good about covering this issue and has an extensive post on Blog for Arizona about it.

This is once again in the laps of the Board of Supervisors. They can choose to appeal if they want, but I can’t imagine where they get the three votes to do so. I see both Richard Elías and Ray Carroll as solid “no” votes. The other three all have primary challengers and would probably prefer this issue go away. Any pro-appeal majority (if one could be cobbled together) would be tenuous and could be broken by public pressure. Call ’em up; the main receptionist is at 520/740-8126.

5 thoughts on “Election Integrity Lawsuit Update

  1. Ted, weren’t you present when attorney Roger White asked Supervisor Bronson at LD 28’s meeting whether she would appeal an unfavorable ruling or not? Didn’t I hear her say no publicly?

  2. Where were the rest of the Supervisors when Ray’s lonely voice called out for transparency? This is a non partisan issue to my way thinking. What did the rest of the Supervisors and Huckelberry have to hide?

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