If I Were In Charge…

Bumblebee ManOne of R-Cubed’s correspondents reports that Tim Bee told some people at a meeting of educational administrators yesterday that if he and Marsha Arzberger were in charge, this whole budget situation would be resolved.

Well…that’s very nice. Frankly, if any individual legislator were in charge, the budget situation would be resolved. Even if if was this guy. But, that ain’t the way it works, is it?

What is interesting about the assertion is that it means that Bee is admitting that he has no sway with either Speaker Jim Weiers, or the true power over the budget process, Russell Pearce. Heck, if the President of the Senate doesn’t feel like he can do anything about the budget process, what chance do the rest of us have?

The assertion of impotence ain’t much of a selling point for a guy who is running to be a freshman member of the congressional minority, is it?

Of course, if he showed up to the legislature more often…

4 thoughts on “If I Were In Charge…

  1. He is setting himself up to be blameless when his party wacks the shyte out of the budget with drastic cuts and tax breaks….

    Just last year he was toting how he worked with Democrats and the Guv to pass a budget…. A lot must have changed in a year…

  2. Are you certain that is what Tim said or did he say if it were just the Democratic Senator Arzberger and himself, together they could solve the budget problem? You are right in so far as it is very difficult to work out a compromise when everyone has a different agenda but that is what Tim Bee does best. He has a documented history of successfully working in a bi partisan atmosphere thereby getting needed legislation passed.

  3. This is his squisy way of trying to take some blame off himself for being on watch and leading the legislature while taxes are decreased and funding cut. Much of the blame here is not the spending, which went to restore some serious cuts our education system took after 9/11 (the last time our economy took a hit), but the tax and revenue equation.

    Bee and Republicans gamble our future time after time under the hypothesis that lower taxes equals more growth and thus more revenue. There is something to this hypothesis except for the fact that if you but back taxes and programs too much, you lose the govt. infrastructure, which is also an important variable in the equation of growth.

    We have been caught with our pants down here. We built an economy that exists primarily on sales taxes, low property taxes, and low income taxes. When the economy stops humming, there is no way to pay for the programs. It is a revenue structure that is boom and bust, it is a gamble, and we are left now, having to cut programs again that were just trying to be restored from the cuts 5 years ago.

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