No, Totally Different

I’ve heard some grumbling from Republicans about Janet Napolitano’s plan to raise revenue by installing more cameras to catch speeders. Frankly, I ain’t exactly comfortable with thinking of this as a possible revenue source either.

But, the complaining about this part of the plan would be a little easier for folks like me to handle if it wasn’t coming from people that are pushing for Russell Pearce’s budget plan that contains a $45 hike in fees for people taking defensive driving classes. So, the governor wants more speeders to have to pay for tickets, while the Republicans want people to have to pay more when they get those tickets. Yeah, I can see that the Republicans, once again, have the moral and constitutional high ground.

9 thoughts on “No, Totally Different

  1. Great idea James, one of the fastest growing states in the nation needs to stop building and improving infrastructure, that’ll really make our economy soar!

  2. Not sure if her $90 million will work and why does the state get all of the money and none for the courts that actually handle the cases generated?

  3. bored,

    We could start with reforming the educational system. In Arizona we have a 30% drop out rate. In government schools, Kids are bored and not learning anything. Yet Tucson’s BASIS charter school is one of the top three schools in the country — 100 percent of last year’s sophomores excelled on the AIMS exam and all of the school’s graduates were accepted into four-year colleges. Why couldn’t govt schools be organized along those lines? Why not offer tax credits for couples who home school or send thier kids to private schools.

    I also oppose expanding state employee benefits for gay couples. I think the Janet should have taken the matching funds.

    Conservatives make a to do about biotech subsidies and the uncompensated services illegals sap into the system. I concur with some of those arguments, but one has to look at education and health care as drains on our state budgets that need re-thinking.

  4. Wow James, I’m totally surprised that the programs you want to cut and the reasons you want to cut them are EXACTLY what Republicans in Arizona want to do– amazing!!

    That’s totally refreshingly new thinking–instead of trying to improve our situation, let’s just use this opportunity to undermine the last century of public education and public health advancements this state and this country have achieved!

  5. Joe,

    Do you oppose any and all cost cutting measures in education? If the objective is to educate children with more quality and less cost, then we have to benchmark education – continue and expand what we do well; address, correct and when necessary cut what we are not doing well. If our objective is to feed a money pit and afford it the protection and coiffed comfort of a sacred cow, then we do have our differences.

    Every year, a friend of mine buys school supplies from her own pocket to get kids excited about history. The state offers her a measly refund that covers a fraction of her cost. Doesn’t it make sense to design a system that rewards teachers like her even at the expense of less productive teachers? Is there better ways to educate and engage children than the same tired ways that didn’t work when we were kids?

    I think so. Why doesn’t the legislature or the Governor think so?

  6. Yes James, people who believe like I do that public education is a good thing, and that the way to make public education better is to study public education itself and implement solutions based on that study, and not to try to hand public education money over to privatized schools and religious institutions, just like to take as much tax money as we can, put it into a pit, burn it, and make offerings to it.

    Makes about as much sense as believing our collective greed will make everything turn out for the better.

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