Dissin’ Ray Carroll

Ray CarrollRay Carroll has been claiming that his pushing for Don Jorgenson over Nancy Young Wright for the District 26 house appointment was because he believes that the board is obligated to always vote for the top vote getter among the precinct committeepeople.

This begs the question of why the authors of the statute thought it appropriate to send three names to the board of supervisors. It also begs the more interesting question to me of why he hasn’t followed this logic himself on his past appointments. He voted for Paula Aboud over Ted Downing, and, if I may name an example that I am very familiar with, nominated Betty Liggins over my brother (the reason he gave me: she was a fellow Chicagoan.)

Maybe he didn’t have a gallery to pander to when those appointments were made.

One thought on “Dissin’ Ray Carroll

  1. Carroll is so off base on this one and he knows it. State staute calls for three names and three names only – there is no ranking of votes.

    Maybe he should ask himself why the campaign manager of one of the candidates had her name in the hat also. But, I think he already knows why.

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