Saradnik Replacement Herd Culled

Democratic activists in District 26 made their picks for the list that will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors to replace Lena Saradnik.

They are businesswoman Cheryl Cage, Don Jorgenson (who is already filed as a house candidate) and former Amphitheater School Board Member Nancy Young Wright.

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Wright. She is already familiar to members of the board, and they probably are looking to replace Saradnik with a woman.

Saradnik gave a short talk at the meeting, which given all that has happened is a fantastic sign.

4 thoughts on “Saradnik Replacement Herd Culled

  1. I wish Rep. Saradnik only the very best, she is an extremely inspiring woman and I hope to see her back in the political scene sooner than later. I know this was a hard choice for her, but she placed her constituents first and should be commended.

  2. Hmmm. Apparently Lena endorsed Jorgenson last night. I wonder if that will sway three Supes to pick him over Nancy Young Wright?

    My hope is that the board picks someone who can hold that seat. Phil Lopes and the caucus need it to stay in Democratic hands.

    BTW, I echo VWgal. Get better, and then come back, Lena. You’re a great lady and you were an excellent legislator.

  3. Lena gave a strong endorsement of Don–likewise the PCs did since Don won the 1st place on the slate by a wide margin. And Don has a dream candidate resume.

    TEDSKI–I hope you are wrong re Don not getting the position since he is not the “right” gender–Gender prejudice totally goes against Democratic and American principles.

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