A Thorn to Them, I Guess

One of the things that bothers me about coverage of political stories is the “plague on both their houses” attitude that seems to emerge when there is a negative campaign. This happens whether or not the attacks are substantive, or even whether or not both campaigns are engaged in it.

Take the Rodney GlassmanLori Oien race. Near as I can tell, I can’t remember Glassman’s supporters grousing about Oien’s finances or who her parents are. Even in coverage of the “baby doll” incident, where Glassman pointedly chose not engage in name calling, the Star headlined the story “So whatever happened to the issues in Ward 2?” as if both candidates were wallowing in the muck.

This has continued this morning in the “Thorns & Flowers” section. Yeah, I know, criticism of the Thorns & Flowers is fairly useless given that the pieces are useless. This morning, we were treated to this gem:

THORNS to the Rodney Glassman-Lori Oien debates that devolved into discussions on personal finance, abortion and in vitro fertilization. Too much information on some topics, not enough information on matters of importance to the community.

So, Oien and her supporters tossed all this mud, but it’s Glassman’s fault his suit got dirty? Puh-leeze.

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

I hadn’t acknowledged it yet, but Sunday’s Arizona Republic featured a story on blogs and included this one as one of three “must reads.” Of course, this is an indication of good taste and refinement on the part of our state’s leading daily and paper of record.

Here is the suprising part:

Barrett Marson, spokesman for House Republicans, said he’s a regular reader:

“When you want to know what’s going on south of the Gila, he’s the one plugged in from a Democratic perspective, for sure,” Marson said.

I guess I’m not hard enough on his boss. I’ll work on that one.

Lawyers, No Guns, but Some Money

The first official salvo in next year’s Pima County Attorney race has been fired. A group called Citizens for Justice has been formed and has put together a website detailing what they see as problems with Barbara Lawall’s stewardship of her office. The allegations are well sourced, with all of them being presented as articles already published in local newspapers rather than the voice of the semi-anonymous folks that run the site.

I say “semi-anonymous” because there is no indication on the site itself who is behind it, but folks in the local legal community know it is Joe Machado, who was a former County Attorney himself in Santa Cruz County before hanging his shingle in Tucson. The group will have a coming out party of sorts on November 14th when they host a happy hour at downtown bar Chileverde.

The flyers that have been distributed for the event refer to it as “Margaritas & Politics” and stress that “All Parties Are Invited.” It even features both a donkey and an elephant boxing. Lawall will be hit from both sides next year, with a primary battle with former Pima County Democratic chair Paul Eckerstrom and a general election with Republican Brad Roach. Although Eckerstrom has made a compelling case against Lawall, his fury will be nothing compared to Roach’s, whose head was one of the ones that rolled in the office decimation that followed in the wake of the Dr. Brian Stidham murder case.

There’s an Elephant in the Room

In a couple of hours, I’ll be going to the election night party that the Democrats are holding. After the last two elections, we Democrats have been treated (and I use the term loosely) to appearances by Republican officials. Both the 2005 and 2006 elections were fantastic nights for Democrats, no doubt they wanted to bask in the reflected glow of sure victories and get on the right train.

In 2006, Jim Kolbe showed up to the party to congratulate, very publicly, Gabrielle Giffords. This was probably a final slap at Randy Graf, who had tried to take him out in the 2004 primary. When Democrats swept to victory in the 2005 city council races, both Bob Walkup and Ray Carroll showed up. Given that some of the more vicious underground attacks on Rodney Glassman came from folks close to Carroll, I don’t imagine he’ll be coming around this time.

So, if you go to the Democrats’ celebration tonight (Over at O’Malley’s on Fourth starting at 7:30), say “hi” to whatever Republican poohbah shows up. Be nice, but not too nice…

Last Minute Endorsement

See, when you don’t check your e-mails for a while, you miss out. This was a gem that sat unread in my mailbox since Friday:

Some of you may think this unusual, but I would like you to vote for Beryl Baker in the Ward 1 Tucson City Council election? Let’s talk straight for a moment. We Republicans did not field a candidate in Ward 1. Shame on us! A vote for Beryl Baker is the next best thing. I believe Beryl is a very sincere candidate. She has done her work in the trenches, working on many neighborhood committees. She is well qualified to represent Ward 1. As new members of the next city council Lori Oien and I need Beryl Baker sitting with us to slow down the Democrat monopoly. Thanks so much for your consideration. – Dan Spahr

Yes, that Dan Spahr.

The Green Party candidate is the next best thing to a Republican? She’ll be someone that Spahr and Lori Oien can work with? Eh?

Then again, Baker showed in more than a couple of candidate fora that she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about, so maybe she is a lot like the candidates the Republicans have been running lately.

Another for the “Um, Yeah…” File

There was yet another interview with voters in a Godforsaken milltown in New Hampshire, because these folks have been selected by Providence to tell the rest of us which presidential candidates to vote for. Yep, because the voters of New Hampshire are just better quality Americans than those of us consigned to live in warmer states.

Anyhow, I caught this story on Weekend Edition yesterday, in which a social conservative said that if Rudy Giuliani was nominated, he would vote for him because if he were nominated, it would be “God’s will.”

Eh? God acts through the Republican nomination process? Who knew? Is that in the Apocrypha somewhere? Maybe in the Gnostic Gospels?

So, what was God spending his time doing before 1856?

I think that if God wanted to act through the presidential nominating process, he would have designed one that made a bit more sense.