See the Happy Feet Moving Down the Street

Not Fred DuValI got a call today from Fred DuVal, who is stumping for votes for the Democratic National Committee slot being vacated by Joe Rios. This would not be DuVal’s first stint on the committee, having served as an “at-large” member in the 1990’s.

DuVal is promising to get more resources for Arizona, something is is very capable of delivering on owing to his already strong network within the DNC and the rest of the Democratic party in DC.

The one concern I have is that Rios was one of the few Hispanic voices in among the State Party’s officers. Randy Camacho recently stepped aside as well, leaving Vice Chair Tony Gonzales of Flagstaff as the only current officer of Hispanic descent.

The party will be electing the new national committee member in January.

4 thoughts on “See the Happy Feet Moving Down the Street

  1. Fred will make a wonderful addition but remember there will be three slots open–if Carolyn Warner retains her seat–then the other two slots are open–for Janice is not running….so if Fred elected—then the third slot is open—male or female.

  2. Fred, Carolyn and Jeff Latas would all be great assets for Arizona on the DNC. Latas, the Gulf War vet who ran for the CD-8 nomination last year, feels Democrats need more anti-war veterans in their ranks and is helping to organize a Veterans Caucus within the state party organization. This election, like the Democratic presidential contest, gives us many good candidates from whom to choose. Repubs don’t seem to have that benefit.

  3. I really like the idea of a Veterans Caucus within the state party organization.

    I wish that the US Congress were filled with anti-war veterans and Consitutional lawyers. That’s what is needed to mop up after Bush/Cheney.

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