Why Does He Hate America So Much?

So, what left-wing defeatocrat said this?

None of you should believe we are winning this war. There is no evidence that we are winning this war.

So, who was this? Cindy Sheehan? Howard Dean? Barack Obama?

Nope, it was Newt Gingrich.

3 thoughts on “Why Does He Hate America So Much?

  1. There’s never any good news about Iraq, but here is something from today’s broadcast of “Democracy Now” that is a little uplifting:

    “Support is growing in the U.S. for Iraqi oil workers striking against the U.S.-backed oil law under debate in Iraq. The main union representing American oil workers is calling on Congress to stop pressuring Iraq to pass the law and to shift support to the Iraqi oil workers’ demands. In a letter to House and Senate leaders, United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard says: “The oil privatization law now under consideration by Iraq’s government is designed to benefit the multinational oil companies; not the Iraqi people.” ”

    God bless the United Steelworkers. God bless every one of you for standing up for the rights of the Iraqi people.

  2. McCain is one of the few Republicans outside of the WhiteHouse inner circle that seems to think that this war is going well.
    But then, he also believes that all is well and good with his campaign for Prez.

  3. Newt, like a large % of the right, think we’re not fighting hard enough.

    You and your pals want to pull out and hide under the bed. Except Obama who wants to invade Pakistan. They have nukes and Obama is sworn not to use nukes. He’s one hell of a military genius, si o no?

    If Bush would get more aggressive with Iran, Syria & Saudi Arabia his ratings would climb. You libs only can drive him down to 40% or so. The rest of his fall has been PO’d conservatives that realize he’s putting on an LBJ impression.


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