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Mutiny LogoMy mom got a robo call today that went through a rundown of the bill that Linda Lopez voted to move forward, and then promised to connect the listener to Lopez’s office. Gawd…that’s some serious juice there. Anyone have any idea who is funding that?

The heat thrown at Lopez and Pete Rios has apparently caused Olivia Cajero Bedford and Manny Alvarez to jump ship. Both have declared that they are voting no on the House budget. Remind me to go back and re-read the parable of the Prodigal Son. Also, it has been reported that entreaties from the now-dwindling “rebel faction” to Mark DeSimone were spurned.

I have got numbers on the amendments that the two of them proposed. I’ll be posting these later tonight.

Also, I’d like to comment on some things that I read both on DailyKos and in comments here. It is important to realize that this fight is not over ideology. More than a few of us in the liberal provinces of Blogistan like to see everything through the prism of “DLC v the Progressives.” This fight is definitely not over that. The Democratic caucus includes folks from the very conservative (for a Democrat) Jack Brown to the very liberal Kyrsten Sinema. Both of them are staunch allies of Democratic Leader Phil Lopes. The break away group isn’t doing this for ideology or anything resembling big ideas, but for petty personal issues. Saying that Linda Lopez, Pete Rios and crew are doing this because they are weak-kneed moderates is giving them too much credit.

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