US Chamber Runs Ads Against Mitchell

The US Chamber of Commerce is going full bore against HB 800, the Employer Free Choice Act. They are running radio ads against Harry Mitchell, which can be found on the Chamber’s press page.

The ads are over the top, accusing Mitchell of being against the right to vote and the right to privacy. Pretty ridiculous, really. What Mitchell and supporters of the bill want is for employees to have the option of using the card check rather than have the voting done on company property.  The card check option currently exists, but can be easily obviated since management can veto it and have the election done in a manner of their choosing. This bill merely transfers that choice to the employees.

The effort against the bill, which is expected to come to a vote as soon as tommorrow, is a full court press.  The bill is expected to have wide bipartisan support (and apparently polls well), so the ads are not just being run against vulnerable Democrats, but also against Republicans like Jean Schmidt and Heather Wilson. Even the very conservative Bill Sali hasn’t escaped the wrath of these ads.  Geez, is even Sali for this bill? No wonder why they feel they are in trouble.

NB – In my earlier post on this bill, I neglected to mention that both Gabrielle Giffords and Mitchell are also co-sponsors.

One thought on “US Chamber Runs Ads Against Mitchell

  1. Since it is the employees who are voting to see if they want a union, one would think it would make a bit more logical sense to have the employees pick the type of election for it.

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