Ibarra Out, Egan In

Jose IbarraJosé Ibarra has announced that he is not running for city council in this year’s election, which leaves the Ward 1 city council race wide open. Ibarra has served on the council since being elected as a 25 year old in 1995 after being an aide to Raúl Grijalva (then a county supervisor) and a staffer to the campaigns of George Miller, Sam Coppersmith and Bill Clinton. For the last few years, he has been battling Bob Walkup and could be counted on to oppose just about everything that the Republican working majority did when they ran the council.

Ibarra is still contemplating a run for mayor, which he has talked about in past elections. If Ibarra were to run, he would likely be up against Steve Leal, who has been his only consistent ally in his three terms on the council.

Scott Egan & San PatricioScott Egan, a registered Republican and galloglass to Supervisor Ray Carroll, has pulled papers to run. Jim Nintzel at the Tucson Weekly speculated that Egan would only run if Ibarra did. Egan and Ibarra aren’t exactly BFFs. Heck, at this point, I don’t know why he wouldn’t run. I mean, he is the only candidate right now.

I wonder what this does to speculation that Carroll may make a run against Gabrielle Giffords in 2008. Yes, I know, the mahouts have apparently made up their minds that Tim Bee is their boy, but since when has Carroll ever listened to the guys in Phoenix? It can be argued that that may be a big part of the reason that he gets re-elected so easily in Southern Arizona.

Anyhow, what does it actually mean for a possible 2008 race that he gives permission to his top henchman to run for office himself? Does it mean that Carroll is not going to run, so he doesn’t mind letting Egan go. Or, could it be that Egan, quite radical in his younger years, could be a problem in a Republican primary dominated by the Torquemada wing of the party? Or is this just people who don’t know what they are talking about speculating?

Nintzel could be right in his speculation that Egan won’t run unless its against Ibarra, which will leave us with no candidates. I think Joe Sweeney lives in that ward. Give a damn, federal support for interstate beltways now!

3 thoughts on “Ibarra Out, Egan In

  1. You’ve brought up a Carroll run for CD8 in 2008 before, Ted. I continue to think it is unlikely, even though I think Ray is an attractive and appealing candidate in many respects. Here is the sort of question he would get right away:

    “Supervisor Carroll, you chose not to run for Congress two years ago because you didn’t want to be in Washington while your children were young. They are now only two years older. Why are their needs less important to you now than they were then?”

    Ray strikes me as a concerned and active parent. He also knows there is no good answer to the question cited above. Moreover, he was a Mike Hellon supporter last year and won’t say anything about the race at all until Hellon officially signals that he has no interest in running…and I won’t be surprised at all if Hellon does run again.

    The GOP primary field may well be crowded again in 2008. I think Ray would prefer to be the choice by acclamation the next time he runs for an office other than the one he has right now. Slugging it out over several fatiguing months with other contenders likely doesn’t sound appealing to someone who hasn’t had to run a tough race since his first primary for supervisor. He and Bee would also draw on the same geographic base, with Bee having the added advantage of being known and liked in Cochise County.

    I would be willing to make book on there being no Carroll for Congress campiagn in 2008.

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