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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Senator, the Name is Spelled T…E…D

I just got an e-mail from Evan Bayh’s All America PAC. It started “Dear Geoff…” Maybe he decided to put those presidential ambitions on hold until he gets his lists cleaned up.

Some of Pearce’s Best Friends…

One of the strangest stories coming out of the recent Holocaust denial conference in Tehran was the presence of representatives of Neturei Karta, a small Hasidic sect. So, I guess the fact that they were Jews at the conference makes any of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-semetic tirades okay, right? Of course not. A recent East Valley […]

Geez, Greg, Are You Trying to Get Me Into Trouble?

Greg Patterson flatters me too much over at Espresso Pundit by saying that newly elected congressman Gabrielle Giffords should hire me at her office. Well, thank you for the sentiment, Greg, but there are plenty of very well qualified people in line in front of me. In fact, there has been a development on that […]

Some Things Are Just Beyond Parody

I was alerted to this one by Talking Points Memo; it is so beautiful that it needs repeating. This picture is from Rudy Giuliani’s website. Flags are flying both to the right, and to the left…hmm. It just depends which way the wind blows. Maybe John McCain can borrow the picture too. Also interesting, his […]

Keep Those Web Eyes Peeled

Lisa James, the designated “establishment” candidate for State Republican Party Chair, has reserved a domain name for a campaign website. The address is There is nothing there right now, but I’m pretty sure there will be soon. One of the knocks against her over at Sonoran Alliance is the allegation of some shenanigans about […]

Breaking News: Waid to Run

The latest out of Central Avenue is that David Waid has informed folks that he plans to run for re-election for chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.

Uvas Agrias

Apparently, the Arizona Capitol Times has named Espresso Pundit as the best political website. Oh yeah? Well, uh, I never liked you guys much anyway. I’ll just go hide over here.

2008 Candidates, First in a Series

I wanted to write a bit about my take on the Democratic presidential field. I started writing and realized that I was taking up way too much space. I was trying to avoid missing out on someone and having one of you post angrilly about my missing, I dunno, Dennis Kucinich or Christopher Dodd. So, […]

SEIU Update

I haven’t written about SEIU’s organizing efforts among Pima County workers in a while. Back in late October, Attorney General Terry Goddard issued an opinion that county workers were entitled to a vote on “meet and confer” status. Goddard’s opinion all but overruled a self-interested opinion issued by Barbara LaWall’s office (many of her own […]

A Reconsideration

Okay, I’ll relent a bit. I’ll cut Time a break for their lame “You are the Person of the Year” thing. Why? For linguistic reasons. In English, we make no distinction of singular or plural “yous,” except in regionalisms (y’all, youse). So, I don’t know exactly which “you” they are refering to. This would be […]