4 thoughts on “J. D. Stands for “Just Defeated”

  1. That was probably the hardest thing that JD has ever had to do!

    I was SURE that he would fight to the bitter end, cry foul, call for a re-countand/or hold up in his office, forcing SWAT to drag him out by his heels….

  2. The reason it is such a good thing that J.D. is gone is that he pretty much seems pathologically incapable of anything except partisan acrimony. This stands him in sharp contrast to even other Republicans in the delegation– could you imagine Jeff Flake (or even Trent Franks) offering a resolution like the one Hayworth talked Duncan Hunter into offering last year on Iraq in which he effectively shut off what had the potential to be a productive debate by forcing a vote on ‘whether to support the President or withdraw immediately?’ And keep in mind that he has served in a Congress in which Democrats were never in the majority, and he still thought that partisan warfare was the most important thing in Washington.

    What this election does show is that the redistricing commission, whatever their flaws were, was a good idea. If the legislature had drawn the lines (back when Calamity Jane was the Governor to sign off on it) they’d have made sure that this never happened.

    Oh, this is priceless: Word verification is ‘riidsuss’

    As in ‘rids us’ dragged way out, just like this election.

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