District 26 Update

Some internal polling after the primary showed Democrat Charlene Pesquiera dead even with Republican Al Melvin. The RINO hunters on the Republican side may have overplayed their hand here. Even though they can’t stand the “liberalism” (their word) of Toni Hellon and Pete Hershberger, it may, in fact, be reflective of the sort of Republicans that live in the district.

The State Democratic Party is looking at the place for a possible pickup. The party has sent in Katie Bolger, a fantastic organizer, to take care of things in the district. Folks that have observed the volunteer operation have been very impressed by the amount of people they have been able to put on the streets.

(Quick, name the last Democrats to represent the area we now call District 26. Hint, it wasn’t called District 26 back then.)

The organization is also in place to help house candidate Lena Saradnik. The way we elect house members can invite all sorts of mischief, and Saradnik could slip in if enough Democratic voters chose not to use their second votes, and moderate Hershberger voters give her their second vote. Given how Melvin and Dave Jorgenson feel about moderate Republicans, I don’t know why they should expect their votes anyway.

NB – Back in the old District 12, Reid Ewing was a State Representative in the 1980’s. In the 1970’s, Sue Dye was a State Senator from the area. Also serving as a State Representative from the district for a single term was, of all people, John Kromko.

8 thoughts on “District 26 Update

  1. Nice post…I know how hard it is to find out about polling in state legislative districts. I appreciate the information.

    We are hoping for some real pickups in our state legislature. Even just an evening out on committees could be enough to drive keep the hardcore right-wingers like Pearce and Gould from having a strangle-hold on the process.

    My fav. Republican down here in the pueblo, and someone who is QUITE well known in Republican circles, is voting Giffords and Democrat this year. Don’t get me wrong, she is not shifting her party registration, but in her words “she wants those asshole right wingers to leave and for the moderates to take back her party.”

    She is dreaming of course…the right will just dig in deeper, even after defeat. The thing about conflict is that when you alienate the moderates, you are left with extremes who talk amongst themselves and who end up alienating the moderates even more.

  2. As an LD26 Dem, I’m glad to read this post, Tedski, as it might attract some attention to what is going on in NW Pima County. Lena has been running a smart campaign on the ground since the early spring and her name ID is very high up here. Charlene got a later start, but she has made the most of the time she has been in the race. Katie has been an energetic and intelligent leader, as has Cheryl Cage, Lena’s campaign manager. The state party is investing a lot of money in direct mail up here, too.

    Besides the fact that Dems have two strong candidates in LD26, the fratricidal GOP primary could help us win both races. Pete Hershberger called Al Melvin an “extremist” in the latest edition of the Northwest Explorer. Many Toni Hellon supporters are backing Charlene and many Republicans in our district have been voting for moderates for years. the new breed gives them the willies!

    It is also very possible that BOTH Hershberger and Jorgenson backers will cast their second vote for Lena. Pete’s people will do so because they can’t abide Jorgenson. But, David’s supporters might also vote for Lena to oust Pete and hope that they can knock off Lena two years hence.

    All of this excitement on behalf of our legislative team also bodes well for Giffords, who may pick up support in this district most recently represented by Steve Huffman.

  3. I appreciate the reminder, CC Burro, but Hellon was also set to be termed out in two years and the right-wingers still went after her in the primary. Had they run “two Jorgensons” in the House race, Pete might already be gone. There is a strong chance that some of their more strident folks wouldn’t mind seeing him lose the general so that they could try to run two conservatives in 2008…and cite his loss this year as one of the reasons for their candidacies. I’m sure they’ll do that no matter what, but if Pete lost to Lena it would buttress their case to the party faithful.

  4. REX SCOTT–You’re right. I hadn’t thought about that.

    Lena will be a wonderful state representative–hard-working, ethical, and open to different viewpoints.

    Melvin and his rhetoric is not helpful for the Republican Party or Arizona. He keeps bringing up “the culture war”, comparing conservative Republicans and Democrats/moderate Republicans as in good and evil.

  5. District 26 Dems can vote for Lena Seradnik twice – but voting just once for her.

    If all the Ds single-shot her, and the Rational Rs cross over to vote for her AND for Pete Hershberger, the Dems can pick up this seat.

    Please single-shot Lena if you live in Dist. 26!

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