Fundraising Totals

The Tucson Citizen had an article today on the fundraising totals for the candidates. The numbers are based on FEC data and various press releases from the campaigns.

The only trouble I have with the article is that they just gave the numbers, which are cumulative totals, without any sort of comparison to what the candidates raised last quarter. This could tell you a great deal about what direction the campaigns are going. For example, the zeitgeist surrounding Mike Hellon’s campaign has been that he has been losing support among influential Republicans, and the fact that he didn’t raise as much this report as he did for the last one would have told people that.

And the numbers can be deceptive too. For example, I saw that Bill Johnson raised $58,000. Johnson’s candidacy didn’t exist for the last report, and this number would mean that he raised more money than Jeff Latas this last quarter. Given Johnson’s politics, this really worried me. Well, when you actually look at where Johnson’s money comes from, it turns out that the entire amount was a personal loan from him to the campaign, not from some stir among the populace. Not very impressive at all, actually.

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  1. The best part of this month though Tedski was that I was in Tucson 2 weeks ago and a buddy took me to “the buffet”.

    Wow… it was the Tucson stereotype. It has culture , history and it smells.

    What that says about Phoenix is left to everyone’s imagination.

  2. And Chez Nous is the height of class, right?

    Geez, dude, you know that you could have called me to take you to actual cool places.

    I hate the Buffet. I hope you stayed clear of the bathrooms.

  3. I did a roundup of my own of money … you can find it at The big shocker – Harry Mitchell OUTRAISED JD HAYWORTH and all other congressional candidates in the state pulling in nearly $600k! This is his second quarter of strong success, his first was short since he had only just entered the race.

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