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I was glad to see that some of our state’s media have picked up on the Jon Kyl Supreme Court story.

Well, now the Arizona Democratic Party has an online petition demanding that Kyl apologize for inserting a phony colloquy between him and Sen. Lindsey Graham, and then trying to use that as evidence before the Supreme Court.

The party, in their petition, demands that Kyl appologize on the floor of the Senate or he can, their words, “insert his written apology into the congressional record.” Geez, no need to be such smart alecs, fellas. That’s my job.

You can sign the online petition here.

12 thoughts on “Jon Kyl Petition

  1. Chris Cizzila is a meathead.

    I think you Republicans have said the same thing in 2004 when he was predicting the Democrats would take back the house.

    Then again, aren’t you Republicans reading the moonie rag??

  2. Regardless of whether Kyl will win or lose (IMO he’ll win easily), it doesn’t change the fact his little attempted rewrite of history was disgustingly manipulative, and clearly merits censure.

  3. phx kid,
    Okay, so we Democrats have a long way to go. The truth is, Jon Kyl has been in lockstep with the Bush Administration and logic says he should be about as popular as Bush. But, of course, logic does not prevail in the Senate or the House because most voters never examine the voting records of their representatives. In fact, at least half the electorate doesn’t vote. This explains the power of incumbency.

    However, we Democrats understand that we have to just expose the Republicans one lie and deception at a time. Sooner or later it will make a difference.

    Just a little something for you to think about on your way to Wal-mart in your SUV, happily listening to your Toby Keith CD.

  4. Just a little something for you to think about on your way to Wal-mart in your SUV, happily listening to your Toby Keith CD.

    That condescending stereotype is proof positive that Democrats have a long way to go.

  5. What’s really sad is that the stereotype fits, condescending or not. Isn’t that the whole point of being a middle class Republican? Get your opinions from Fox News and talk radio, put a yellow ribbon on the SUV to “support the troops,” and its off to the races (NASCAR, usually).

    Can you define “plutocracy?” Look it up, friend.

  6. Liza,

    I drive a 4-door sedan and I listen to I don’t even know who Toby Keith is.

    Last I checked Bush beat Kerry in ’04 54.9% to 44.4%. Even so Kyl is not in lock step with the president. He actually supports enforcing the border.

    I do shop a Wal-Mart. In fact I love the store. I can tell you that I rarely see so many alternatively-abled people and such a broad mix of ethnicities shopping at any other store. Go ahead and attach people who shop at Wal-Mart. You are criticizing one of the broadest cross sections of society. It just shows how much of a prejudiced elitist you are.

  7. You listen to in your car?

    By the way Cook’s Political Report changed their assesment of the AZ Senate race from “likely Rep.” to “leans Rep.”


    Another “elitist” who doesn’t support Walmart’s use of sweatshops and slave labor.

  8. phx kid,
    Toby Keith is a former Texas oil field worker who morphed into a country music singer/songwriter. You would probably have to be very drunk to appreciate his music but he achieved some mainstream media attention by releasing a CD entitled “Shock’n Y’all” sometime around the invasion of Iraq.

    Bush’s popularity has declined since the ’04 election, as you must be aware of, because even the mainstream media has reported approval ratings as low as 31% within the last six months.

    Jon Kyl is most definitely in lockstep with the Bush Administration for the last six plus years and his voting record speaks for itself. He has been 100% behind the radical right wing idealogues who have taken control of this country. So, if you like where the Bush Administration has taken us, vote for Kyl and get more of the same.

    If Kyl deviates from Bush on border enforcement, then its because he is saying what he thinks he needs to say to placate his Arizona supporters while he’s trying to get re-elected. If re-elected, he will tow the party line, make no mistake about it.

    Like I said, its tough to beat an incumbent, but mid-July is very early to predict anything for a November election. I think that the two most important factors in the Kyl/Pederson contest are voter turnout and the public exposure of Kyl’s voting record.

    We’ll see, huh?

  9. liza

    if you like where the Bush Administration has taken us, vote for Kyl

    I am not saying the Bush administration is perfect. No presidency is. It’s just when I compare Kyl, a classic conservative, to Pederson I’ll take Kyl.

    I still think the Democrats are the party of higher taxes, weak national defenses, higher regulation, gun-control, abortion-on-demand, failing government schools, slack border enforcement and amnesty for illegals. Nothing Pederson has said changes my view of what his party represents and what he will vote for if in Washington.

  10. Hey, I just want to congratulate Ted.

    Since no one else has commented on it, I will– I’m glad the Jon Kyl muppet is back.


    Wasn’t it called ‘the American way?’ or something like that? And as I recall it dealt mostly with September 11 and the perpetrators. I just remember the line, ‘I’m gonna put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way.’

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