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Monthly Archives: March 2006

A Reply from Bill Montgomery

You may remember an entry I wrote on Bill Montgomery a few weeks back. I am definitely not a supporter of his, and I made that clear in the entry. Montgomery has written to me, here are his comments: I know you referenced responding to my e-mail but, unfortunately, I did not receive it. I […]

A Couple of Not Necessarilly Related Items on Immigration

Our last huge wave of anti-immigrant hysteria resulted in the 1924 Johnson-Reed Act. The act set quotas on European immigrants, and prohibited immigrants from India and East Asia all together. Historians believe that the act was prompted by a wave of anti-semitism and the so-called “red scare.” In some confused minds, any Jewish or Eastern […]

Just Reverting Back to Form

You might say “Say it isn’t so!” but I say, “I told you so.” One of my ongoing frustrations when talking to Democratic activists around the country is their ongoing infatuation with John McCain. “Oh, you are so lucky to have him there,” or “I’d vote for him if I lived in Arizona.” Somehow, they […]

…And He Also Invented the Internet

District 8 congressional candidate Alex Rodriguez is having a fundraiser this week. He sent an announcement to his supporters which contained this startling message: We are proud to see the first Hispanic run for Congress. This is a big stride for the Hispanic population, and will hopefully be the beginning of great hope and accomplishments […]

Raúl Grijalva: Not Leaving the Hispanic Caucus

Over on AZ Congress Watch, there was a report yesterday that Rep. Raúl Grijalva was leaving the hispanic caucus. Well, not quite. Grijalva, along with most of the caucus’s California membership, have ceased association with the caucus’s PAC, called BOLDPAC. Apparently, this has been stirring for quite some time, and stemed from thePAC’s support of […]

No, I’m a Wildcat Fan All the Way, I Love that Tubby Smith…I Mean Merlin Olson

A correspondent sent me a little bit from former Avondale Mayor Ron Drake’s web page. I never visit there. Since I don’t go there, I miss stirring pieces of rhetoric and innovative public policy such as this one: I understand that for many, a better quality of life comes from working in a good job. […]

Oro Valley: Vestar and Loomis Win

The Town of Oro Valley had its election yesterday, and Mayor Paul Loomis fought off a challenge from Amphitheater School Board Member Nancy Young Wright. Wright ran a good campaign and raised a great deal more money than Loomis. Wright made breaks to developers, particularly a bizarre deal given to Vestar Development Co., a central […]

He’s In!

Sen. Harry Mitchell has announced that he is stepping down as Arizona Democratic Party Chairman and running against Rep. J. D. Hayworth. Let the games begin. Hayworth spends an awful lot of space on his official congressional page criticizing Governor Janet Napolitano, probably looking forward to a US Senate race against her later. I’ve never […]

Study: Many Voters Don’t Understand Prop. 200 Restrictions

A study from Northern Arizona University released this weekend concludes that 37% of voters are unfamiliar with the requirements of the so-called Protect Arizona Now act that voters passed in 2004. Today, some locales are having their first elections under the new restrictions, so many consider today the “kickoff” for the new voting requirements. 64% […]

Grijalva Supports Feingold Resolution

I was going to try to figure out a comment or elaboration on this, but why? Just let the man speak for himself: I support Senator Russ Feingold’s resolution to censure the President of the United States. Today’s resolution reflects the mood of the American people who are demanding accountability from the President. This situation […]