“The World Is Beautiful Vase Filled With Scorpions”

In a move that blindsided even a self-appointed (self-styled? self-delusional?) political expert like me, Tim Sultan, who ran in the 2002 CD 8 primary, endorsed Patty Weiss today.

Sultan was an intern for Dennis DeConcini, and worked on the staff of Nancy Pelosi and a short stint with Janet Napolitano.

The move suprised me, because I have had conversations with Sultan where he said that he wasn’t interested in running against Gabrielle Giffords, who he said was a friend. He even attended her announcement a few weeks back. I guess what he meant was: “I’m not interested in running against her because I’d rather endorse her opponent.”

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  1. DOOOOOODE!!!!


    wtf???/why didn’t you put some info about that on your site. i just caught the last bit. your bro was saying something about the border being a fed. problem, and that bush didn’t alot enough money for it…then dobbs cut off the other guy and they went to wolf.


  2. Maybe Tim had the opportunity to meet Patty, get to learn her depth on the issues and realize the fact that Weiss is a true progressive.

    At least the Weiss’ campaign is chaired by Democrats — the life-long variety.

  3. I don’t understand why you’ve got a thing against the Weiss candidacy.
    You can support whomever you want, but come up with a better reason than “Patty has no experience.” Revere’s column was totally lame. If he thinks journalism isn’t a public service then the dumb-ass is doing it wrong. He should go back to J-school and spare us his scribbling.
    In normal, non-primary voter circles, not being an “experienced” candidate a GOOD thing. It means the person isn’t a political hack.
    You want to WIN, don’t you?
    Why stay behind someone who’s virtually unknown compared to that overt racist who’ll probably get the GOP nod?
    There are bigger issues at stake than the petty party squabbles in Tucson. I say get with it and get behind the candidate who’s almost a shoe in in the general.

  4. I want to offer something about what the third “anon” up says. I will not denigrate Patty Weiss as a journalist, but it is hard, very hard, to wave aside Giffords’ experience, knowlege of issues, and knowledge of politics. THIS is what is bringing her the support that she has that other candidates are feverishly trying to soften. What bothers me about Weiss is that she is a relative unknown quantity. People know what she did as a generalist, but not her ideas on politics, and she has not record to stand upon at all. People can attack Giffords record, yes, but she has one. I wholeheartedly suggest that some take a look at the record and her past endorsement from groups on the left and those in the middle. Those who know Giffords’ record seem to support her, plain and simple.

    Another suggestion I would like to counter is that Weiss is a better candidate and that Giffords would not be able to beat Graf (or Huffman or Hellon). I see absolutely no evidence of this except for an early poll based on name rec. Giffords has already rallied opinion leaders in Tucson to her cause…those who Democrats regularly elect. She also brings in moderates and even those who might be moderate Republican. I think any of our candidates could ably beat Graf. I just want the best public servant.

    Last, I hear suggestions from some that Giffords is an “insider” and is not liberal enough for those in the party who want change. I would give a word of warning to anyone who is underestimating her support among some liberal opinion makers in this town. I run in a lot of different circles and am not a party insider…I have seen opinion leaders on the left (PCIC members, anti-death penalty advocates) who are supporting Giffords, have given her money, and are even raising money for her.



  5. Roger and the other Tucsonan’s who can’t see outside the Ole Pueblo:

    Do you realize how much larger the CD8 Universe is besides Tucson? That is so arrogant of all these Tucsonan’s gloating about TUCSON TUCSON TUCSON TUCSON!

    Hello folks…that attitude is no different then the attitude from Phoenix has on Tucson. Phoenix looks down on Tucson as something insignificant.

    Now Tucson looks down towards Wilcox, Benson, Douglas, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Marana, and Sierra Vista as if they really don’t matter. Gabby isn’t known outside of LD28/Tucson Metro, and if she is known outside of Tucson, they probably don’t view the problems we are facing the same way Gabby does..

    Let’s review the map kids. This isn’t a race ONLY IN Tucson.

  6. Easy now Anonymous, but excellent points!

    Let me apologize if you thought that I was casting any ill will or ignorance toward the HUGE part of the district that is outside of Tucson. When I bring up that Giffords is strong it Tucson, it is because, well, she is, not because I think that is enough and all that she has to do to win. In fact, on a different blog I note Weiss’ apparent strategy to campaign hard in the rest of the district because Giffords is strong here. Giffords is strong here because she represented a piece of it in the legislature. She now has to campaign everywhere else and let you all see her commitment to the district.

    I would also say that just because other candidates are well known (from TV?) in the largest part of the district does not mean that they would be a better representative.

    Last, check out http://www.giffordsforcongress.com to see those leaders in your part of the CD8 that have endorsed her. I think you will be surprised.

    Last again (grin), you are VERY right that this will not be only a Tucson race alone (although most of the population of voters are in in this county). If any “arm chair” strategist here (like me) wants to get a sense of where the race is for Weiss, take a good look at her website http://www.pattyweiss.com. Most of her events are outside of Tucson. Something for the Giffords, Latas, and Rodriguez campaigns to consider.

    Best to you!


  7. To Tedski–

    Please help me out here–Where did you see this endorsement? Also, what is the importance of an endorsement by Tim Sultan? Does he have any following in CD 8?

  8. Is Tim Sultan really a heavy hitter? Why would anyone want HIS endorsement anyways? He’s just a self-serving punk who’s looking to see and be seen and in the end feel important.

    If someone like Bacal can defeat him in a election, well maybe he isn’t that big of a deal.

  9. Roger,

    You may wish to talk about who’s been working outside Tucson, you may be suprised to see the Latas’ working Cochise Co. pretty hard.

    They just can’t get the press the celebs have gotten. This will change by and by.

  10. This pro-Giffords website is so pathetic – you all think anyone who goes against your more conservative candidate does not know what they are talking about. Patty is going to win and Tim is smart for getting in her good graces now. BTW, Tim was not canned he left the Governor’s office for a higher paying job – please forgive him for wanting to earn a living for once in his life!

    Even the Eva Bacal supporter told you she is going to support Patty now that her candidate has dropped out. Wake up and smell the beans it’s Patty in ’06!

  11. Re: Latas working Chocise County.

    Latas works for Jet Blue at least half of each month and is on the road.

    I can’t imagine he isn’t working any county really hard.

  12. Again…if Patty wins, you can bet hell and high water that I will support her in the general. I will not support her in the primary, though, and I hope that Giffords wins.

    One more thing, anyone trying to paint Giffords as a conservative, as anonymous did, had better look very closely at her support and to her record of endorsements. She gets endorsements of liberal organizations…and high ratings among them. What must be bothering some is that she also gets some endorsements and high ratings from groups that are more moderate. What this sounds like to me is a balanced canidate with balanced support.

  13. Might sound good to you but it smells pretty fishy to me.

    By the way, Latas is seen more on the campaign trail than just about anyone else, even Cochise Co.

  14. Well, Neal Rocklin supports Alex Ro — and no other candidate can claim that fact, YO! Alex even has the entire clip of the show on his website! Dude, listening to answer so sincerely to questions about his veteran past, I can’t believe no one would not vote for him at all!

    GO RO for ’06!

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