It’s Almost Donald Duck

Avondale Mayor Ronald Drake has officially decided to throw his hat in against Rep. Raúl Grijalva. Drake’s name has been floating for some time, there was even a story being circulated that he had met with Joe Sweeney in an effort to dissuade him from running.

Interestingly, one of Drake’s council colleagues is former Senator Jim Buster, who ran against Rep. Ed Pastor years ago. That race was only memorable for Buster’s jingle that he had on his radio ads. It was sort of a take off on Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme: “Who you gonna vote for? Jim Buster!” I am not making that up.

Drake details his beef with Raúl:

Drake said he decided to challenge Grijalva, a two-term Tucson Democrat, because he did not believe Grijalva spent enough time meeting with the sprawling district’s varied constituencies to discuss their problems. The district’s boundaries stretch from Tucson to Nogales and Yuma, also taking in parts of the southwest Valley.

“When I’m a congressman, we’re going to have quarterly town halls to meet with people and hear their issues and what’s on their minds,” Drake said. “He didn’t have time for us . . . but I intend to represent the people of Arizona differently.”

One can’t help but wonder if Drake’s problem is that Grijalva doesn’t park himself in Avondale and wait for suggestions from him.

I always love the suggestion of “town hall” meetings. I’m not knocking the elected officials that put on such things, but they are not always necessarily the best way of finding out what citizen’s want. Instead of staging town hall meetings, Grijalva attends other community events and keeps in touch with local leaders.

If anyone running for office ever wants to tell people he’ll be “responsive,” he’ll suggest “town hall” meetings. It’s easier than saying something interesting.

Drake downplayed the district’s voter-registration imbalance, saying Arizona voters are “not as concerned about political parties”

Ever notice how people running against a registration advantage for the other party always say this? I find it funny, since the Republicans seem to count on party ID in most other cases.

We’ll see if this guy can beat Sweeney in the primary.

UPDATE: Desert Rat Democrat has an excellent detailed post about the political geography of Avondale, and begs the question, can this guy even carry the CD 7 portion of Avondale? He terms his post going “all Tedski.” I don’t know what that means.

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