Shows What I Know

Senator Gabrielle Giffords resigned her state senate seat today, although she did not officially announce a run for the congressional seat being vacated by Jim Kolbe. That cat is still inside a rather tanslucent bag.

Interesting factoid that I touched on before: both of the previous two occupants of the southeast Arizona seat, Kolbe and Jim McNulty, were State Senators. Both were out of office before they ran and won.

Giffords probably feels that it would be impossible to serve her constituents and run a successful campaign in a district the size of Massachusetts. Looking back on who has actually been elected to congress from Arizona, she’s probably right. Arizona has eight congressmen, and only one is a former member of the legislature, Trent Franks. Franks was out of the legislature for years before he ran and won.

Another little note: I have never claimed to be unbiased, but I hope I’m fair. I have known Gabby since we were eleven years old, and we even went to a Mexico-Yugoslavia game once. I will be supporting her in this primary.

7 thoughts on “Shows What I Know

  1. It was pretty clear you were not being unbiased from the get-go, but your honesty is refreshing. You should get your candidate to stop making silly comments, like “hardest decision of her life” when everyone in town knew she was going to run. Clearly the person who called you a sycophant was on to something – has she offered you the job as her campaign manager? If nothing else, she would have the best website.

  2. The only reason could be that she wants the board of sups. to pick her replacement instead of the voters – maybe our host, Ted will be picked for that spot instead of the campaign manager job as earlier speculated. – Anonymous Gal

  3. You contradict yourself, Ted.

    First you say that Kolbe (and McNulty) were state Senators before they ran and won.

    Then you say that of Arizona’s eight congressmen (thereby still including Kolbe), only Trent Franks was a former member of the legislature.

    Somewhere, there is a fallacy.

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