Not So Good Vibrations

I haven’t been so good about checking the lefty blogs this week. I fell out of the habit of checking Daily Kos. With this available to me, what is the incentive to post a diary on there? Well, I suppose because more people will read it.

There are some folks on there who are rather doctrinaire. One guy wrote me because I didn’t understand the full nature and agenda of the corporate media conspiracy. When everyone seemed to be talking about what a great guy George Galloway was, I said, wait a sec, this guy is trouble. I wrote about some of the race baiting and Warsaw Pact justifying things that went on during his campaign to regain a seat in parliament. I was amazed at the vitriol of some of the replies, some e-mailed to me off of the board. One guy told me not to hold his past against him. This was about stuff that went on three weeks before. If a Republican engaged in the campaign tactics this guy did, Kossacks would be livid. But, since he’s a lefty, I guess that’s okay. Its amazing to see these guys accuse me of apostasy, when they supposedly don’t believe in such things.

That said, there were some little incidents this week that are worth talking about. On Thursday, Sen. Harry Reid and Gov. Howard Dean held a photo-op and press conference in Reid’s office. Wonkette (my sweet Ana Marie!) has an excellent account of the incident, and you can find the video of it on Dem Bloggers. Huffington Post has a rather short description of the event, but I’m linking to it because sometimes she links back…

Anyhow, our Highly Proffessional Washington Press Corps couldn’t think of anything to ask except about whether or not Dean has said things that are a bit out of bounds. Yeah, good job fellas, news flash: Howard Dean is a Hothead! Stop the presses!

At some point, Brian Wilson (the other, much cooler, and now it seems more sane Brian Wilson is pictured) of Fox News asked Dean if he hated white Christians. Dean blew off the question. Then, he asked again. One reporter, seeing he had no credential, said “who are you?” Wilson, in his most professional manner, said “who the fuck are you?” Apparently this continued into the hallway afterward.

If I were Dean, I would have said “No, I don’t hate White Christians, just you…”, but I’m not as measured and calm as Dr. Dean.

Wilson is not some fringy blogger or talk show host, he’s supposedly a journalist. I’m assuming that his mom and dad paid good money to send him to journalism school, he should do better than this. Any employee of any professional organization that acts this way in public while on duty would get his ass fired. I guess Fox News is not a professional organization. Of course, his colleagues aren’t that much better. With all that is going on, you folks couldn’t find anything substantive to ask about?

Senator Durbin later wondered aloud why the rest of the reporters would let this uncredentialed “moose” run the event. Wilson said that he isn’t a moose, but a gazelle. Nice to have no shame, eh Brian?

Some jackass named Fred Jackson with American Family Radio is alleging that Los Angeles Mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa was elected by illegal aliens. I wondered how long it would take for this to be out there. Out here, racist morons have claimed that Raúl Grijalva, Ed Pastor and even Mo Udall were elected by “illegals.” My brother has even heard the cannard that Gov. Napolitano was elected by throngs of the undocumented. What’s worse is he hears this from Republican legislators. One Republican candidate in Cochise county claimed after the 2000 election that Marsha Arzberger won with the votes of illegal aliens living in Douglas. Of course, if you suspect every latino you meet of just having jumped over the fence, it would be natural to assume that any candidate with latino support was elected by illegals. And, this would make you, in border parlance, a baboso.

MSNBC, not learning from what happened with Michael Savage, has brought a man named Jay Severin on board to be a panelist on Tucker Carlson’s new show. Severin has called for the execution of Michael Dukakis, refered to Hillary Clinton a “bitch” and justified date rape. And these boneheads in the press get mad at what Howard Dean says?

One thought on “Not So Good Vibrations

  1. About Dean and the other people getting away with that stuff:

    When it comes to the parties there are two standards: One is that the Republicans will be crooks no matter what so if they actually do not act like criminals then we can just ignore it or even when they DO act like criminals they are not killing anyone…ah hell we just do not care about it! The other is the Democrats should be innocent little angels who never do anything more then act kittens. Blind kittens. So when we have one who does fight back the press is shocked. Like you would be if a kitten suddenly turned into a lion that was pissed off and not going to take it anymore.

    Something like that.

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